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Psychologist Recommends Costa Rica for Best Relaxation Destination

By Retreat Leader, Stephanie Neuwald My Morning in the Jungle… Awakened by the sounds of the birds, I get up early. The sun is shining in my face and I’m having fresh, tasty mangos, papayas and pineapples for breakfast. I set out to rent a bike. Yesterday, some locals told me about a very nice […]

Take a Walk on the Wildside!

One of the most bio-diverse places on the planet, Costa Rica is known for its wealth of wild and tropical flora and fauna. In Spanish, Costa Rica means ‘rich coast’, and it’s easy to see why when one witnesses the natural diversity found within the rainforests, rivers, beaches, cloud forests and coral reefs.

Limón Province is a Hot Spot for Cultural Adventure

With a vibrant mix of Tico, Indigenous and Afro-Caribbean culture, Limón Province shines as a unique region of Costa Rica that offers true cultural adventure. This Caribbean coastal province is home to a deep-rooted Jamaican culture, which descended from the Jamaican laborers who came in 1871 to build a railroad connecting the Caribbean coast to […]

The “Nature Effect”

by Stephanie Neuwald Immersion in nature is a key element that attracts talented Retreat Leaders from around the globe to Samasati‘s rainforest sanctuary each year. The South Caribbean in Costa Rica offers lush tropical gardens, fresh ocean air, and an abundance of unique wildlife, providing a perfect backdrop to health and wellness retreats. As we […]

Bring Your Retreat and Share Your Gift in Costa Rica!

Have you ever dreamed of hosting an incredible escape for your clients or students? Traveling with a purpose is becoming increasingly more popular and destination Wellness & Yoga Retreats are an attractive alternative to a traditional vacation. Who wouldn’t want to travel to an exotic destination for a week or two of fun, relaxation, learning, […]

Deepen Your Practice with SUP Yoga

For many yogis and athletes not much changes in terms of practice. For years people repeat and follow the same sequences, movements, teachers and styles with little to no variance. Unfortunately, this kind of training can be limiting. It keeps us in a comfort zone and denies the growth that comes from conquering fears and […]

5 Top Reasons the Costa Rica Caribbean is Perfect for Families

Costa Rica and Samasati’s Caribbean backyard is a giant playground for traveling families! On the Caribbean side, big adventures are guaranteed to get your kid’s heart’s smiling; whether it’s ziplining through the forest canopy, spotting unique wildlife on the trails at Samasati, or dipping in the aqua blue Caribbean water, this region is a tropical […]

One Under the Sun, a Feature Film from the Hearts & Minds of Samasati Team Members

You could say that our Costa Rican Rainforest Sanctuary and Eco-lodge doubles as a creative incubator for visionaries and thinkers alike. Attracting non-ordinary individuals who tend to live life off the beaten path, Samasati always has something interesting brewing. Whether it’s developing a sustainable project, curating a one-of-a-kind retreat, or producing inspirational media, our staff […]

7 Reasons Why Puerto Viejo is not a Typical Tourist Destination

Puerto Viejo, once a quiet fishing village on Costa Rica’s southern Caribbean coast is known today for its Afro-Caribbean flavor, laid back vibes, and healthy living. People who love to travel off the beaten path are drawn here to celebrate life and enjoy an authentic travel experience.

Top 5 Reasons to do a Yoga Retreat at Samasati in Costa Rica

Love Yoga? Ready for a new travel adventure? A Yoga Retreat or Teacher Training in Costa Rica may be the next step on your path to transformation. Imagine the magic that happens when an individual or group of purposeful people travel across borders and oceans to gather with the intention of learning, growing, and waking […]