Costa Rica is one of the most bio- diverse countries on earth because of its location between North and South America, enabling plants and animals from both continents  to establish themselves here. The South Caribbean is a priviledged area in Costa Rica because of the beautiful beaches and the virgin rainforest side to side.Following you find the names of the best beaches nearby Samasati and on the side, a list of the most exciting excursions and activities you can enjoy while staying with us.

Puerto Viejo Village/ Beach

4 miles from Samasati, Puerto Viejo beach is a black sand volcanic beach with none to mild waves. North of Puerto Viejo, you will find the best surfing beaches of the Caribbean Coast, including the world famous wave called " Salsa Brava" Transport to Puerto Viejo is $ 20.00.

Punta Uva and Manazanillo

Outside Magazine Travel Guide called Punta Uva beach "one of the best seven beaches in the world." A white sand beach located at the entrance of the Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge, Punta Uva is a "must" destination for people visiting the Caribbean Coast. Emerald waters, lots of coconut trees, very secluded. Further South into the heart of the Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge, Manzanillo white beach extends for a few miles all the way to the Panama border. Manzanillo village is a very small Caribbean settlement. Transport to  Punta Uva or to  Manzanillo is  $ 40.00.

Cahuita National Park Beach

Cahuita National Park consists of several miles of white beach and dense tropical jungle. On the North end of the beach you will find Cahuita village, which is a small typical Caribbean settlement. The coral reef of Cahuita National Park includes approximately 240 habitats. There are 123 different species of fishes, 44 species of crustaceans, 140 shellfish and 1281 seaweed species identified. We can also observe 35 different coral species such as the fire coral, the red coral and the black coral, unique to this area. The dense jungle beside the beach is home to monkeys and sloths. Transport is $ 25.