Bird Watching Guided Tour

Our experienced guide will take you through the Samasati Biological Reserve where you will have the opportunity to have a close look at the inhabitants of the forest floor, and of the middle and the upper canopies’ layers. Slaty-Tailed Togon, Violaceus Togon, Blue-Ray Tanager, White Hawks, Laughing Falcons, Chestnut-Mandibled Toucan, the Daring Collared Aracari and other parrots are some of the birds that you will have the opportunity to observe. Find in  the Birdwatching page for more informationon Samasati's birds and  for details of Samasati Birdwatcher Package. Tour duration: 5 hours. Departure: 5:00 AM. Minimum 2 people at $ 49 per person.