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Feb 15 2014  We wanted to have a fantastic getaway with the girls. We were not disappointed.The staff has been so helpful and bent over backward to make our stay unforgettable. The food was amazing but the thing that made our trip perfect is the Yoga. Stephanie is a phenomenal instructor. We want to take her home with us! We will be singing Samasati praises for years to come.The Chakra dance under the full Moon was unforgettable! Thank you!  Sarah, Paula, Lyndsy, Beth and Erin.

Samasati Biological Reserve Tour 

Samasati's 250 acres property is for the most part a virgin rain forest that harbors thousand animal and plant's species, declared Private Biological Reserve and so a protected area since 1996.  Filled with bird's songs and howler monkeys calling at dawn, the rain forest is quiet during the day. In this tour, we will take you to Samasati's water springs and waterfall. The dark, cool interior of the primary forest is surprisingly free of entangling vegetation. Walking into the rain forest is like taking a step back in time. Duration: 2 hours, any time before 2:00 PM. Price: $ 35.00 per person.