With its wild rainforests and lush landscapes, Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast is a beach and nature’s lover dream. Distanced from the rest of the country, this region of Costa Rica is home to some of the most gorgeous coconut-tree-lined beaches in the world and  several of the country’s most notable national parks - Braulio Carrillo, Cahuita, Chirripó, Tortuguero, La Amistad,  the Hitoy-Cerere Biological Reserve and the Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge. The  virgin natural habitat guarantees a healthy bird population. More than 500 birds species and  butterflies can be seen in the primary and secondary rain forest. Tucuxi dolphins swim along these shores, and four species of sea turtles are nesting between the months of March and July on the beaches.

The Indian Reserve in Bribri or the Kekoldi Indian Reservation are home to indigenous groups like the Bribri, Kekoldi and Cabecar Indians. As you visit the Alta Talamanca, you will find a hidden world of strong and ancient traditions and costumes at least 1,000 years old. The South Caribbean coastal area is  home to the Afro-Caribbean culture - and music! Calypso and reggae sounds are always floating in the air, together with the smell of spicy dishes seasoned with the distinctive aroma of coconut milk. The houses are unique to this area, with their bright, sharply contrasting colors.

It has been calculated that there are about 45 different nationalities living in the area between Cahuita and Manzanillo. People from the US, Italy, France, Switzerland and various other countries are involved in a multitude of businesses, mostly tourism related- like restaurants, hotels, tour services and conservation projects.