3 Simple Ways to Inspire Self-Care Rituals

Many people resist self-care because they believe it to be selfish or overindulgent. In truth, self-care is one the most important things you can do for others in your life. If you feel healthy, happy and taken care of, then you have more to give and those around you will also feel healthy and happy.

So why not make self-care a daily ritual? The idea of Dinacharya, the Ayurvedic ritual of daily self-care, is a way to permeate meaning into each moment of your life. By practicing self-care you can create a routine to ensure that everyday you’re taken care of whether its cleansing the body, clearing the mind, keeping the senses sharp or exercising self-love. Here are 3 simple ways to inspire self-care rituals.

1) Think about what ways you can practice self-care in the morning. Is it waking up 15 minutes earlier than everyone else to have a peaceful moment before starting your day or to give yourself enough time to make an energizing smoothie? Explore how you can give yourself the best start to each new day and as you get into a rhythm, self-care rituals will become natural.

2) Think about self-care rituals that can give you a boost or make you feel good through out the day. If you work outside of the home maybe it’s taking 10 minutes out of your lunch to do some stretching and deep breathing or sneaking a couple of chapters of your favorite book. If you work at home, lay down on a comfortable surface and check in with your body to see what needs attention. Breathe into those areas that need attention and allow your breathe to release any tension.

3) Think about how you would like to end each day with self-care. One amazing way to close your day and give yourself love is by giving yourself a massage. In Ayurvedic Medicine, they call this art form, Abhyanga, which translates into “loving hands”. Before or after a relaxing bath or shower, grab your favorite oil and begin to apply it over the body, moving slowly. Breathe and intentionally connect with yourself in a nurturing way. Click here to learn more about Abhyanga.

More Self-Care Tips from Stephanie McKenzie

When was the last time you took a moment for yourself?

In the beginning, it can be very hard to focus our efforts and awareness on ourselves but in the end, it is the absolute best thing we can do for our selves and those we find on our paths of service. Here are a few ideas to inspire you to take time for yourself. You deserve your love and attention more than anyone else.

Mini Meditation: Close your eyes. Take a deep inhale and a slow exhale. Imagine yourself. Look into your eyes. Continue to breath deeply as you say to yourself “May I be safe and protected. May I be happy and content. May my body support me with strength. May my life unfold with ease.”

5 Minute Groove: Take off your shoes. Turn on your favorite music that makes you want to dance. Turn it up!!! Dance Dance Dance through the whole song. When it has finished playing, stand in stillness as you feel the sensations of your body. Your breath. Your heart. Your skin. Your mood.

Take Twenty: Draw a warm bath. Add your favorite essential oil such as lavender or ylang ylang. Play music you find beautiful that does not have any lyrics. Music only. Bring a washcloth with you into your bath. Dip the washcloth into your scented bath water. Folding the washcloth, place it over your eyes. Now simply be. Nothing to do. No where to go.

A Day to just BE: Plan your breakfast the day/night before. Wake early. Start your day outside sipping a warm glass of water with juice from a lime. Bath and dress according to your plans for the day. Take a class, take a walk, take a boat/train/bus ride to nowhere in particular. Eat when you are hungry. Rest when you are tired. Nap under a tree, on a lawn or near a lake. Read or write or sing a song. Do what you daydream of doing when life is too full to allow for such moments.

A Week to Retreat: What better way to rejuvenate than to take a whole week to yourself. Solo travel is becoming increasingly popular especially in retreat destinations because you can make the trip all about YOU and focus on your well-being. You decide how to spend your day and what special additions you’d like to add to your trip. Some people want the extra relaxation and prefer to nap the afternoon away in a rainforest hammock after the receive a morning of spa treatments. Others may love to find the adventure and will fill their day with excursions before they hit the local beach town to vibe on the nightlife. Samasati’s Signature Package has something for every traveler plus the flexibility to customize your trip.

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