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Must-Try: Breathing Exercises For Anxiety

Breathing is an inevitable process that occurs without much thought. It allows the lungs to absorb oxygen which then travels to feed body cells and organs. But, when you breathe improperly, you upset the oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange in your body causing anxiety, panic attacks, physical and emotional problems. Do breathing exercises help anxiety?Learn more →

What is Burnout and How Do You Fix It?

Do you feel like your mind takes a vacation every time you try to think? Or are you taking longer to complete an assignment you used to take a shorter time? Most are the times we wake up and drag to the bathroom ready or not to face the day. Without realizing it, we exceedinglyLearn more →

Best Surfing Beaches in Costa Rica (2020)

The rich coast, commonly known as Costa Rica, is a country sandwiched between the Caribbean Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Besides delicious cuisines, vibrant nightlife, Costa Rica is one of the best destinations for surf lovers. Why? Both the Caribbean and Pacific coastlines have warm water and consistent waves. What’s more, these sandy beaches areLearn more →

How to Host a Memorable Retreat (2020)

Stepping away from our hectic lifestyles as we get some much-needed rest, is essential in improving both our personal and professional lives. As busy people, we require some time to recharge ourselves in nature, rejuvenate our spirits, and find inner peace. We all need periods of solitude to truly reflect on what’s going on withLearn more →

Yoga for Anxiety and Depression

Why Yoga is Increasing Becoming the Favorite Remedy for Depression and Anxiety Disorders Anxiety affects millions of people worldwide. In the US, over 40 million adults suffer from anxiety disorders; this translates to roughly 18 percent of Americans aged 18 and above.  Not to mention, even people who haven’t been diagnosed with anxiety medically sufferLearn more →