Retreat at home during Covid 19 Lock Down

Our hearts are heavy for those burdened with grief and fear at this time of global uncertainty. We
join you in the reminiscing of what was, while simultaneously wondering what is to come. We do
not know what is on the other side of this collective experience. We do know that Samasati will be
ready to support you when the time comes, when you are drawn to visit with us in the forested
mountains overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Until then, here is a little advise on how to retreat at
home. Learn more

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Must-Try: Breathing Exercises For Anxiety

Breathing is an inevitable process that occurs without much thought. It allows the lungs to absorb oxygen which then travels to feed body cells and organs. But, when you breathe improperly, you upset the oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange in your body causing anxiety, panic attacks, physical and emotional problems.

Do breathing exercises help anxiety? The feeling of not being able to catch your breath is a common symptom for people who experience panic attacks. When you feel like you can’t breathe; you get tension in your chest muscles, and the harder you try to inhale, the more difficult it becomes.

But, it doesn’t mean you’re not getting enough air. However, feeling like you can’t breathe is a scary and uncomfortable experience. Learn more

What is Burnout and How Do You Fix It?

Do you feel like your mind takes a vacation every time you try to think? Or are you taking longer to complete an assignment you used to take a shorter time? Most are the times we wake up and drag to the bathroom ready or not to face the day. Without realizing it, we exceedingly burnout our bodies in the name of a better future.

After all, we feel we’re solving a solution we took several years to study about, a few months in placement, and other few months’ job hunting. So when you finally get that job, you give all your efforts, including the time you’re supposed to sleep. We work twice as much to cater to all our needs while our minds and bodies pay the price. One study shows that between 23% and 50% of workers have undergone or are currently under burnout. Clearly, burnout is an issue in our societies. It exhausts us, steals our joy, and leaves us to repeat the same routines. Learn more