Retreat at home during Covid 19 Lock Down

Our hearts are heavy for those burdened with grief and fear at this time of global uncertainty. We
join you in the reminiscing of what was, while simultaneously wondering what is to come. We do
not know what is on the other side of this collective experience. We do know that Samasati will be
ready to support you when the time comes, when you are drawn to visit with us in the forested
mountains overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Until then, here is a little advise on how to retreat at
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Best Surfing Beaches in Costa Rica (2020)

The rich coast, commonly known as Costa Rica, is a country sandwiched between the Caribbean Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Besides delicious cuisines, vibrant nightlife, Costa Rica is one of the best destinations for surf lovers.


Both the Caribbean and Pacific coastlines have warm water and consistent waves. What’s more, these sandy beaches are less crowded as compared to beaches in Australia or Hawaii.

With temperature ranging from 26°C-27°C, breaks and swells, Costa Rica is undeniably an ideal surfing destination for both beginners and pros.

To get the finest experience, take a yoga and surfing package. Your surfing event will be much better as the yoga part of the package prepares you in terms of balancing and flexibility on the paddle.

Let’s dive in and see some of the beaches you can visit.

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