Take a Walk on the Wildside!

One of the most bio-diverse places on the planet, Costa Rica is known for its wealth of wild and tropical flora and fauna. In Spanish, Costa Rica means ‘rich coast’, and it’s easy to see why when one witnesses the natural diversity found within the rainforests, rivers, beaches, cloud forests and coral reefs.

Often, nature lovers and guests want to know more about the wildlife thriving within our rainforest sanctuary at Samasati. Luckily, we have Scott McKenzie, General Manager and on-site wildlife expert! Scott is happy to share the vast knowledge he has accumulated over the years, traveling extensively to remote jungles and working with crocodiles, cobras, bushmasters, primates, tigers and other exotic animals.

Scot with snake

Scott is in the process of creating a Discovery Guide Book of Costa Rica’s iconic wildlife and animals. As part of this extensive project, Scott will be cataloging descriptions and images of animals you can encounter at Samasati. Here is a sneak peek into the guide book of our resident critters!


Poison Dart Frogs (Dendrobatis Aratus)

These little frogs are cute, but they’re also extremely toxic. Mainly inhabiting the rainforests of Central and South America, their vibrant colors are warnings to potential predators that they’re poisonous. They are mostly terrestrial, though some individuals were observed 50 m up in trees while transporting tadpoles to tree holes.

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Wild nature

Whether you’re a nature lover, are an avid outdoors woman or man, or just curious about the jungle environment, Samasati provides the perfect backdrop for discovery and wildlife adventure. Check out some of our many inclusive packages like our Surf and Yoga Package, or our Private Yoga Retreat. If you want to get closer to nature you can check out our Signature Package  which includes a jungle/waterfall nature trek guided by Scott McKenzie, our on-site wildlife expert.