Scotty King & Leslie Medley

Hi! we are Leslie and Scotty, ambassadors for Living the Adventures of Life℠. We took a massive leap of faith and left our careers as a Critical Care Nurse and a Personal Trainer to live our dream life of traveling the world and being a catalyst for transformation.

Some might call us “nomadic yogis”, we call it living life in our passions!

We have studied yoga at the origin, the base of the sacred Himalayan mountains, working with masters and gurus from the East. We have been initiated into the ancient and healing teachings of the Paramahansa Yogananda lineage, and have experienced years traveling and exploring different cultures all over the globe.

Inspired by our unique experiences and incredible mentors, we have created the most epic, one-of-a-kind Adventure Retreats around the world.

We also facilitate a life-shifting Virtual Coaching program, Adventure Into U which gives people a brand new lens in how they see themselves and how they design their one and only adventure called life.

We have guided many individuals to discover their passions and get connected to their purpose.

If you’re seeking adventure from life, and are open to a life-changing experience, then WELCOME to American Wanderlove!

Events with Scotty King & Leslie Medley

Discover Your Adventure-Costa Rica
September 1, 2019

A Pura Vida Experience Located in Central America, Costa Rica is named the happiest place on earth. This may be due to their philosophy, Pura Vida which means “pure life.” Envision the rush of a canopy zipline, sundazed afternoons at the beach, stand up paddle boarding down the river, snorkeling in the crystal clear Caribbean Sea, befriending chatting monkey as you trek through the dense rainforest jungles… Come experience Shinrin Yoku, or forest bathing/rainforest therapy- scientifically…