Maestra Tessy

Shipibo Konibo Master Healer
Maestra Tessy has been working with plant medicine for over 12 years, since she was 15 yrs old. Now, Maestra Tessy Ventura Sanchez is 27 years old, and has been working alongside her father Maestro Francisco as a powerful Onanya (Shipibo word for ayahuasca healer, or “one who has wisdom”) for the past 12 years. Her Shipibo name “Kestenrama” which translates to “Sacred medicinal song called Icaro”
Together, Maestra Tessy and Maestro Francisco provide a deep and incredible medicine work , rooted in a centered and open heart and unconditional love. We at Inner Flight Retreat, are grateful for their wistom, beautiful friendship and the incredible beauty of their Icaros, medicine songs.

Events with Maestra Tessy

Inner Flight Retreat
February 18, 2022

Inner Flight Retreat is a healing, centering, nourishing retreat journey. Our intention of this retreat is to guide participants to a clearer understanding of who they are and what they need to expand further on their journey, empowered, supported and activated in their powers and abilities. Through Inner Flight Retreat we will share practices, ceremonies and activities designed specifically for deeper understanding ourselves and bringing more balance to our lives…