Chintu Shah

Tasked at an early age to be an emotional support system for a single mother shaped the core
of my personality. In my formative years, I learned that I have the capacity to support others in
the midst of difficult life experiences. That I had a unique gift to hold the pain of others in a
way that they felt seen and supported. In my adult life I was drawn to my professional work as
an ER doctor. I have spent two decades supporting countless families through death and birth,
mental and emotional anguish, abuse and addiction, terminal illness and physical trauma. I
have provided strength when they were seemingly at their weakest. I have held their hands
through the most helpless moments. This I know I can do for anyone who crosses paths with

With the death of my mother, life forced me to come to terms with the fact that I had a very
unstable and traumatic childhood. That I was suffering as much as the patients and families
for whom I was caring. It became imperative that I provide the same compassion for myself as
I had for so many others in my life. It was high time to fill my own cup before I could fill

Like all healing paths mine has been nonlinear. It has brought me to yoga and pranayama
(breath work), plant medicines, conscious connection, and shadow work. But the pinnacle of
my healing/spiritual practice is a conscious partnership with my wife where we raise our son
with awareness of his experience. I now know that wounds forged in relationship can only be
healed in relationship. I also know that concrete, long-term healing cannot occur without
nervous system regulation. My partner and I work on co-regulating our nervous systems by
practicing yoga and breath work together, sharing positive touch, practicing silence, sharing
our deepest hopes and fears.

I will be supporting you in many ways. I am here as the resident medical liason. I will humbly
try to answer any questions and concerns you have regarding plant medicines and your health.
My personal experience with plant medicines and my western medical experience allow for a
unique perspective informed by safe and proper use of these powerful medicines that have the
power to support you in your healing path. I will also be assisting my yoga teacher and mentor
Stephanie in sharing yoga practices, especially breath work, a dear passion of mine. I will also
be present for plant medicine ceremonies in case you are in need of medical attention. Most
importantly, I will be around at meal times and off schedule hours to connect with each you
and individually support you in having a safe yet transformative experience.

Events with Chintu Shah

Journey to Self
April 17 - 24, 2023

Join us on this journey to self-awareness through plant medicines guided by caring and experienced masters of ceremony. Each day of this experience has been specially curated to provide support and nourishment for the journey of your lifetime. This plant medicine retreat is not for those merely interested in plant medicine, but for those who are truly ready to face their shadows and engage with themselves on an inner-worldly level. …