Lilli Caporello

Lilli was born in Rome. She studied languages and travelled the world on cruise ships without treating her fibromyalgia, an ailment she was diagnosed with when she was only 22.  An injury forced her to stop this mundane life of always running. Lilli decided to move to Todi and teach Italian and English. This small town is far away from stress and the frantic life she had been living until then. In Todi, she met Jill Loftis, an American Yoga instructor, right at the moment she most needed a path to treat her disease. Jill opened the doors of this wonderful discipline and they soon become close friends.

For Lilli, meeting yoga was love at first sight. The feeling of wellbeing she had from the practice, discovering a new and stronger body, as well as a lighter heart and a disciplined and open mind, pushed her to deepen the knowledge of Yoga. After approaching different schools styles, she arrived to Hari-Om, a place where she truly valued the uniqueness of teaching made from diverse teachers with different methods and backgrounds. In October 2011, she opened her Yoga studio in Todi, where, during the classes, she encouraged the students to explore serenity and release tensions of the daily life while practicing.

She achieved the 500 hours Yoga Alliance diploma in spring 2013 and is part of Hari-Om as teacher, translator and English Liaison.