Stephanie Neuwald, Dipl. Psychologist


I am trained in holistic psychotherapy, a concept which includes elements from behavioral therapy, systemic therapy, Gestalt therapy, analytic therapy, body-oriented and creativity therapy. With this global therapy concept I am free to respond to you and your problems in every way.

As I’m also an alternative practitioner, I can offer you natural treatments like acupuncture, reflexology treatment, or detox treatments.

I’m also trained in hypnotherapy, hypnoanalytic therapy, trauma therapy, relaxation techniques and energetic therapy.
Since my studies of psychology in Trier und Munich from 2003 to 2008 and my license as alternative practitioner and psychotherapist 2004 I’m working in my private practice and different rehabilitation clinics. For years I also do stressmanagement- und burnout seminars.

Because of this broad therapy spectrum I can give you support in all psychic and physic ways.