Brooklyn based Yoga Instructor & Reiki Healer, Nicole specializes in teaching Personal Empowerment & Self Healing inspired Yoga Classes, Workshops & Reiki Trainings throughout Brooklyn. Her Reiki & Intuitive Healing sessions have been called “an hour of unconditional love”.  Nicole has been highlighted by Huffington Post and Yoga City NYC.
Nicole grew up outside of Philadelphia and is a natural spiritual skeptic. She had an intense love and curiosity around spirit from a young age, and it is no surprise she now lives a life dedicated to demystifying the spiritual process.  Her seeking started before grade school as she was empowered by her grandmother and great aunts to develop her psychic gifts. As she grew, she would also have her mother set up outings to different spiritual offerings with neighbors and acquaintances. From a very young age, Nicole was exposed to many different religious and spiritual traditions and had an understanding that although people were using different terms and stories, they seemed to all be describing the same phenomenons.
As she grew she would learn more about astrology from her grandmother, feminism & philosophy from her aunts, grandmother and teachers, religion from rabbis, priests and devotees, and eventually found her way into a Yoga Studio.  Yoga would eventually make her realize that spirit was something that each person connects to in their own way. As this all occurred she would hear whispers of the healing art of Reiki. Nicole has trusted the flow of spirit since childhood and decided that if Reiki was right for her it would make its way into her life organically, with out seeking it. Eventually she was offered a training by her most loved teacher and the rest is history.