With thousands of hours of experience in classrooms in New York, Dominica, New Mexico, and Guatemala, Ashleigh is a Senior Vinyasa and Restorative Teacher. Ashleigh is passionate about teaching teachers how to teach; she co-created and teaches the 200 Aurafitness Flow-Based teacher training with Aura Garver at Aurafitness. Ashleigh completed her Relax and Renew Restorative Yoga Teacher Certification with Judith Hanson Lasater; she is also certified in prenatal yoga through Urban Yoga of Vancouver. Ashleigh is most inspired by where she lives, in the rural high desert mountains of Northern New Mexico. Her experience in this vast land has inspired her life to be in uninterrupted communication with Nature, which she believes to be the greatest healer and teacher.


“Ashleigh Beyer is a bright offering to our world. Her dedication to service and helping people find their bliss through health and balance is apparent in her every deed and word. Ashleigh is devoted to the pursuit of harmony for all. She shares her graceful gift with the ease and passion of a true healer.”-Suki Dalury, Owner Shree Yoga Taos

“Ashleigh is a true healer.”
-Alison Cramer, Creative Director Laughing Lotus NYC

“Ashleigh is sincerely committed to her own healing. She is a joy to work with. She has a great sense of humor coupled with a willingness to listen, learn and let go. Because of her devotion and earnestness to her own healing process, I have great faith and confidence in her ability to assist others in their own healing journey. She is truly ‘walking the walk.’” -Jennifer C. Moyer, Elite Master B.E.S.T. Practitioner, New York, NY


March 9, 2019

Join Ashleigh Beyer for a glorious week soaking in Nature’s highest healing on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. Feel a heightened sense of equanimity upon arrival to this rainforest sanctuary, so close to the equator. Each moment in this bio-diverse ecosystem will be a clearing for your mind, body, and spirit.   Let your system cycle in the cleanest, greenest air, and the sounds of the rainforest from the moment…