The Retreat

Let the rainforest set in a lush ecological reserve lull you to into a deep state of relaxation. Fall asleep the blissful sounds of the jungle and awaken where the only tweets are from the birds.  Soak idly in the jacuzzi perched in the lush mountain side overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Relieve your muscles and heal your joints of the stresses and aches of modern life with our soothing massages and daily yoga classes. Tantalize your taste buds with our locally sourced, super fresh and abundant Caribbean cuisine.

A 20 minute drive takes you to the town of Puerto Viejo with its Caribbean vibes, beaches, world class surf, restaurants and pulsating nightlife.

If adventure is your thing, the area has many attractions including hiking the forests, touring the indigenous tribal lands,  ziplining, animal rescue centers, wildlife reserves and much more.