Yvette Lyalyababaev

Yvette tends to be a connector, a wallflower and a photographer. Her deep interest in humanity and spirituality keep her busy learning about our unity despite outward differences. Behind all this is a love of peace and peace-making. Always beginning with oneself.
For many years she has been dreaming-up a community center in Miami. However, her need to get out and travel, expecting to never return to The States, led her to settle in Costa Rica. While raising her daughter there, that passion for community began to reappear slowly as she started to connect with her surroundings. Since then she has been involved in several community initiatives, all leading towards the freeing of oneself. Currently she is involved in an Un-Schooling community program in the Puerto Viejo area, supporting children and adults.
Yvette comes from an Azeri and Uzbek background, born and raised in Brooklyn, then moved to Miami. Her single most important value as inspired by her father has always been Integrity.
May All Beings Be Happy!