Douglas Bentley


Douglas Bentley has worked with thousands of people from all walks of life, helping them on their journey inwards to discover the natural state of peace and joy that awaits within.

Douglas has been deeply on his spiritual journey since childhood, leading him to live in India as a monk for 10 years learning directly from great Spiritual Avatars.

After his own awakening, his Masters had asked him to travel back to the west to share the Sacred Wisdom of Spiritual Awakening with the world.

Events with Douglas Bentley

Sacred Wisdom 6 Day Silent Retreat
January 18, 2020

Take a Journey Deeply Inwards We invite you to join Douglas & Prema in a small intimate setting of 40 participants deep in the Costa Rica mountains to undergo very powerful and healing processes for Spiritual Awakening and Divine Realization. This Divinely Guided silent retreat will take participants from all walks of life on a deep experiential journey inwards to unlock the vast peace that awaits within. This retreat will…