Neil Bjorklund

Neil Björklund is a Certified Integral Coach, coaching the practice of self-mastery. He has extensive training and experience in Hakomi mindfulness-based somatic therapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques, transformative group process, and self-mastery practice as taught by Miguel Ruiz and Gary van Warmerdam.  To find out more about Neil visit:

Events with Neil Bjorklund

Transfrorm Your Live From the Inside Out
March 7, 2021

 A Self-Mastery Approach  to Personal Freedom and Happiness   If you want to stop the internal chatter in your head, transform the drama in your relationships, or find more happiness and fulfillment in life, you will have to begin by watching your mind. You will need to realize what your mind is up to–not what you assume it is doing, but what it is actually doing. That is how you will…