Maryn Azoff


maryn azoff

Maryn is a member of the “Tribe of Love” + “Cura Cura”, Singer, Vocal Transformation Coach, Spirit lifter, Soul emancipator + Fear crusher. She has been on a mission of connecting people with their vocal power for many years + knows that it’s when people sing together that the true magic of music can happen! Her approach to singing + sharing is always from her heart, where we all meet in truth, wisdom + love. She creates a safe, judgement-free environment for you to find that connection for yourself.

Maryn runs Vocal Transformation retreats + workshops all over the world connecting people to the power of their voice + unleashing the potential of the human voice + all of the areas we use it. This discovery is deeply spiritual + physical. the benefits of an empowered voice is backed by science proving that our own personal vibration has many physical, mental + emotional benefits. just understanding + knowing the healing power you possess is permanently life altering.

After over a decade of teaching this to students of all ages, Maryn has witnessed major transformations in all areas of her students lives. Healing of relationship + family issues, early traumas, mood disorders, depression + physical ailments such as fibromyalgia, TMJ, + even congenital heart failure. The result is an overall shift in consciousness, an improvement in mental acuteness + overall personality + a huge boost in confidence.

Events with Maryn Azoff

Shamanic Vocal Transformation Retreat 2023
February 9, 2023

This is your opportunity to dive in + experience the power of your authentic voice. Join vocal transformation coach, Maryn Azoff + her partner, masterful charango player, Patrick Surdam as we journey to a lush jungle paradise off the coast of the Caribbean in Costa Rica. During our time together you’ll learn the science + magic behind using our voices to heal our body, manifest our reality + liberate our…