Emilie Kershaw

Emilie is a spiritual mentor, intuitive guide, medium and yoga instructor. Emilie offers readings that help connect individuals to their spirit guides, past loved ones and inner own knowing. During these readings she uses a mix of psychic and mediumship methods that allow her to become a channel for messages of support, love and guidance that are specific to each individual’s life path. Emilie also works as a spiritual mentor, offering guidance on topics such as emotional resilience, intuition and following one’s heart in both group settings and personalized sessions. Emilie has a passion for using movement as a healing modality for bringing flow back into the body to release emotional strain and stuck energy. She incorporates intuitive movement in her classes to empower students to look inwards for guidance and centeredness. Learn more about Emilie Kershaw at: https://www.emiliekershaw.com/

Events with Emilie Kershaw

Coming Home: A Retreat of Self Discovery
October 23, 2021

Close your eyes and let the hum of the Caribbean rainforest replenish and nourish your spirit and guide you gently home. Join us for a truly transformative week to awaken into your heart’s inner knowing and dive deeply into personal truth and a keen sense of self awareness. We will experience and embody this truth through movement, awareness-based meditation, and connecting with nature’s wisdom.  Coming Home is a nourishing and…