Holly Copeland

Holly is a certified human potential and Neuromeditation coach, sound and Reiki healer. She unites ancient wisdom with modern science through a heart-centered approach that empowers clients on their path to liberation in a way that harnesses modern technologies and is also simple, easeful, and natural.  Holly uses both Reiki and sound healing with tuning forks in an integrative quantum healing experience. Through meditation practices from subtle energy, Dzogchen, and Mahamudra meditation traditions, she guides her clients in somatic and awareness practices to connect with their inner GPS, their true Self, so they can navigate the shifting winds of life from this stable ground of being, which is essentially calm, happy, and resilient. With conscious effort in each of these areas, she helps her clients unlock the keys to be clear-minded and joyful and lead a vibrant and purpose-driven life. Learn more about Holly Copeland at: https://heartmindalchemy.com

Events with Holly Copeland

Coming Home: A Retreat of Self Discovery
October 23, 2021

Close your eyes and let the hum of the Caribbean rainforest replenish and nourish your spirit and guide you gently home. Join us for a truly transformative week to awaken into your heart’s inner knowing and dive deeply into personal truth and a keen sense of self awareness. We will experience and embody this truth through movement, awareness-based meditation, and connecting with nature’s wisdom.  Coming Home is a nourishing and…