Stephanie McKenzie

I sought refuge from a very early age in the quiet moments within a child pose held in a dark closet.  I found freedom in losing my way in the forest.  I’ve felt the vastness of diversity while floating upon the warm sea.  I gained clarity from moments of silence that stretched for days and then years. I understand the shifting nature of a human mind because it was a matter of life and death to the youngest version of me. I’ve learned that nourishing and caring for my body, mind and soul is an obligation I accepted at birth. 

I have formally immersed myself in the study and practice of Sankhya philosophy, Yoga, Ayurveda, Curanderismo, Mindfulness, Herbalism, Nurat Boran, Classical and Ecstatic Dance and Vipassana Meditation.  I have led countless students through the practices I know to be helpful.  I have guided numerous ceremonies honoring moments in lives that are all too fleeting. I’ve told a few of my stories to expose my vulnerability. I have held many of them back to protect the nativity of the listener. I’ve danced with my darkest shadows and made them my friends. Embracing my pain has been an iron rod in my life.  I’ve made my weaknesses my strengths.  Only to be brought humbly to my knees a washed with the sudden awareness that I am the cause of someone else’s suffering

I am experienced at curating and facilitating life changing experiences. I utilize ancient healing practices and modern science to bring truth to the surface of consciousness. Then with loving kindness and unconditional acceptance, I deny you the opportunity to return to your shadows.  Then I’ll remind you how to play. I’ll remind you how to talk to the trees. I’ll remind you how to listen.  I will listen to you. I will see you. I will understand your perspective.

Then I will slip back into the jungle and return to my personal path towards healing. The karmic unfolding of a body suspended for a lifetime in the degenerative pool of stress hormones is full of physical suffering.  A mind developed in deceit and uncertainty will begin to deteriorate.  A soul deprived of love and attention will wither. A lifestyle dedicated to learning to love yourself can rejuvenate a mind, body and soul.  A discipline of selfcare and conscious awareness will lead you to the shores of tranquil ease.

I am a lightning rod for chaos.  When you cross my path, you are in the midst of a personal transition. I know this with unabashed certainty. In the times of my own chaos, I have trained myself to extinguish my own voice to allow for the supreme self to be heard within the hum. I have inked into my skin a daily reminder of the message received when I truly paused. When I truly listened. I am a lightning rod for chaos. When you cross my path, you are in the midst of a personal transition. We have been brought together to learn from each other.  I will remind you how to listen.  You will remind me how to hear.

Events with Stephanie McKenzie

Private Yoga Retreat Package
January 21, 2016

Namaste! Say yes to the Yoga Adventure and simply show up for an immersion curated with your relaxation and rejuvenation in mind. Reconnect to body, mind and spirit with yoga twice a day steeped in the pristine and healing energy of the rainforest. Classes are guided by resident yoga teacher, Stephanie McKenzie and are customized to your level and desire. Come as you are. With daily practice we’ve built in…

Journey to Self
September 8, 2022

Join us on this journey to self awareness through plant medicines guided by caring and experienced masters of ceremony. Each day of this experience has been specially curated to provide support and nourishment for the journey of your lifetime. This plant medicine retreat is not for those merely interested in plant medicine, but for those who are truly ready to face their shadows and engage with themselves on an inner-worldly…