Private Yoga & Wellness Retreat in the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica

Imagine a private retreat tailored just for you or you and a close knit group of your loved ones!

In life there is a time you will need to pause, reset and re-center yourself. Time to reflect and remember who you are, what you need, and what you want. To renew and emerge energized for what comes next.

The journey begins with an introduction and conversation between you and our resident retreat leader, Stephanie. Go ahead, get personal and fill her in on your intentions and goals for your time here. Don’t be afraid to open up. There will never be any judgement. Just acceptance, love and support.

She will then draw upon her decades of experience in multiple modalities of healing including traditions of yoga, breathwork, meditation and more to weave a personal transformative journey.

Stephanie’s approach is to bond at the place where you are. She will meet you where you are in your practice and also meet you when you arrive at Samasati. The immersion begins at 5:00pm with candle light yoga in the yoga studio. Dinner follows and then your days unfold with loving care and attention from Stephanie and the entire Samasati Staff.

We look forward to sharing a slice of paradise in the Rainforest with you.

Sample Daily Schedule:

  • 6:30am Yoga in Meditation Hall
  • 8:00am Breakfast
  • 10:00am Thai Yoga Journey
  • 1:00pm Lunch
  • 5:00pm Yoga in Yoga Studio
  • 7:00pm Dinner
  • 8:00pm jacuzzi soak

* There is a daily shuttle to Puerto Viejo beach town at 10:00am that brings you back at 3:00pm.

The package includes:

  • Twice daily Private yoga classes
  • Guided nature trek through the Rainforest
  • 1 Thai Yoga or Ayurvedic Massage
  • Vegetarian buffets for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Local sustainably sourced chicken and fish are available a’la carte.

* Option for half day of community service with the Peace Through Yoga Foundation also available.

About Our Resident Yogini – Stephanie McKenzie

Stephanie is versed in the different traditions of yoga that emerged from the teachings of Krishnamacharya including Ashtanga and Viniyoga. She has also immersed herself in the study of Anusara, Yin Yang, Therapeutics, Vinyasa, Murat Boran. Drawing on her varied background, she seamlessly provides individualized customizations and gently a nourishing experience for each student according to their experience level. She truly cares for those who visit Samasati and wishes for everyone to feel at home.