• $3,171.00 – Guesthouse Single Occupancy
  • $2,296.00 – Guesthouse Double Occupancy (per person)
  • $3,766.00 – Classic Casita Single
  • $3,223.50 – Classic Casita Double Occupancy (per person)
  • $3,101.00 – Classic Casita Triple Occupancy (per person)
  • $3,801.00 – Preferred Casita Single Occupancy
  • $3,258.50 – Preferred Casita Double Occupancy (per person)
  • – NOTE: Prices are per person for a 7 night complete package(5-night minimum) All-Inclusive plus round-trip transfers from SJO International Airport, San Jose or hotel to Samasati.

Max Gilreath

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Awake Connect Transform

With Max Gilreath

November 9 - 16, 2018

Do you feel that nature could be key to your healing process? A sanctuary within a natural setting with the retreat designed to support those wanting aid in all key areas of health -Mind-Body-Spirit.

This all-inclusive retreat-all of the details of our trip, from arrival to departure, are managed by us.  Your focus is to Relax, Breathe, Heal, and Transform.


Transportation between airport and Samasati

Lodging and all meals

Group Activities and Tours (Educational, Physical and Spiritual)

Self Care  (massage, yoga, meditation)


All Included Activities and Tours


~Group Meditation sittings

~Yoga group classes

~Caribbean Style cooking class

-Body & Spirit

~In addition to yoga classes package includes:

~Massage Therapy

~Medicinal Foods Educational Hike

~Jungle Hike with guide

~ Fitness and training classes


*Additional optional activities available for those wanting to move deeper into their Mind/Body/Spiritual needs.


Max Gilreath
Max Gilreath is founder of “Second Prime” Transformation Retreats, Life Coach, Author and International Keynote Speaker. A former business executive for Fortune 100 Corporations, Max left behind a successful career in Information Technology sales and marketing. At the peak of his earning ability, he was laid off from a job that he thought would take him into retirement. Disappointed, unhealthy, and uncertain of his future, he sought guidance and direction…
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