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Rebecca Niamtu

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Cannabis in the Caribbean ~ An Elevated Yoga & Surf Retreat

With Rebecca Niamtu

October 13 - 18, 2019


Join us where the jungle meets the sea, on Costa Rica’s Southern Caribbean Coast, as we explore and celebrate the sacred cannabis plant.   From the time you arrive in Costa Rica all transportation and accommodations are included in your investment. A charming casita awaits you, perched on a mountain ridge, deep in the Rainforest overlooking the sea.  Enjoy optional morning and evening yoga classes, cannabis sessions several times a day, indulging in a myriad of strains and  forms  as we learn about the medicinal property’s and benefits. We will feast on three incredible, gourmet, locally sourced, plant based meals daily.   The yoga will be suitable for everyone, and beginners are encouraged.  You will not be required to stand on your head, but if you’d like to learn we would love to help!  Come see what the pura vida lifestyle is all about!

 Your investment includes:

  • A Goody bag with a few surprises 
  • All transportation within Costa Rica, including airport shuttles, and transportation to and from the coast
  • 1 night at Adventure Inn in San Jose Costa Rica, including dinner
  • 5 nights at Samasati Rainforest Preserve 
  • 3 gourmet, locally sourced, plant based meals per day ( THE best food you guys!!)
  • Daily yoga sessions suitable for beginners – advanced. 
  • 3  day surf camp  OR  90 minute massage & guided jungle hike  Your Choice !!
  • CANNABIS. We will be learning about the cannabis plant and our body’s own endocannabinoid system. Did you even know you have one?! The best part though, we will be  indulging in a very large selection of strains and forms, in a safe comfortable environment, several times a day.  Our primary method of consumption will be vaping cannabis oil. This will allow us the benefits, without the combustion, or smoke.  Also with oil, we can really taste the different terpenes.  We will also experiment with edibles, in a safe way.  The oil has very high concentrates of THC. We will be getting high. We will also enjoy CBD which does not have psychoactive effects and is tremendously healing for a myriad of illnesses.
  • To register-Please email: rniamtu@gmail.com


Rebecca Niamtu
Rebecca Niamtu wants to bring the community together on their yoga mats with the intention of healing the planet from within. Having experienced the tremendous healing power of yoga, and the ripple effect through her life and community, it is her desire  to make yoga accessible to everyone. Teaching yoga since 2008, her approach to yoga is unintimidating, heartfelt, and playful. Influenced by Anusara traditions, Becca’s style is both grounding and…
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