• $1,060.00 – Guesthouse room

Sarah Lindgren

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Bija Yoga Journey

February 27 - March 4, 2020

Plant a seed of intention as we journey through our sacred connection to spirit and nature. In this retreat you will be thoughtfully guided through a daily yoga practice, journal prompts, and meditations; all designed to help you rest in the grace of Mother Gaia. As we explore our inner connection to the self, and identities we hold, we will also deconstruct our current ideals of what we believe this life is to be. Here in this space,we will connect to the pure life, allowing our days and evenings to be inspired by the natural rhythm of the jungle and our divine connection to all living beings.

Our sanctuary is situated amidst 250 acres of pristine Costa Rican rainforest on the unspoiled Caribbean side of the country. While you enjoy nature’s healing embrace, you’ll also enjoy all the comfort and conveniences of a modern retreat designed to maximize your serenity, peace and connection to nature  and to your deeper self.

  • Dine on locally sourced gourmet food at our restaurant and sip tropical drinks in our lounge
  • Enjoy signature treatments in our wellness spa
  • Opportunities for excursions to connect with the local environment and offerings
  • Rest Comfortably in our accommodations with running water and electricity
  • Relax in our jacuzzi or lounge in your hammock on your terrace

Because the rainforest regulates the temperature naturally, you’ll breathe clean, fresh air without the need for air conditioners. And we encourage you to fully unplug, put down your electronic screens and recharge your personal batteries. Let the natural light of sun, moon and stars illuminate your face and elevate your spirit