Date & Time Details: October 6th through the 12th

Location: Samasati Costa Rica

Address: From the school in Hone Creek One Kilometer towards Carbon Uno

What is Included: Included – 6nights and 5days stay at Samasati – Breakfast, lunch and dinner – All offerings, ceremonies and all on schedule (except Ayahuasca at additional cost and limited capacity, more info available after booking) – Beach trip on rest day

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Dreaming Us Back Together

With Fidelia of the BriBri, Ynes of the Shipibo Tribe, Laura of the Shipibo Tribe, Lila of the Shipibo Tribe, Marines of the Guarani Tribe, Tainara of the Guarani Tribe, Gail of the Haudananoshaunee, Susan Ka'Iilani of the Haudanoshaunee / Hawaian, Renee of the Haudanoshaunee, Audra of the Mi'Kmaw First Nation, Marsha of the Mi'Kmaw First Nation and Lorraine Celtic

October 6 - 12, 2021

Grandmothers, Medicine Women and Elders of deep feminine wisdom are joining us from North, Central and South America – Turtle Island and Abya Yala – with female leaders from around the world for 6nights and 5days of ceremony, celebration and council. We are gathering where the jungle overlooks the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, the land of the Bri Bri in the Talamanca region. We are looking to the prophecies of this time, weaving together knowledge and wisdom to guide us all to a thriving future. This will be an historic event bringing light to this pivotal moment. We are all invited to show up as representatives for our communities. What are we offering? What are we bringing to this co-creation?

This event will be documented and developed into a later digital event. The online experience will allow women from all over the world to join in and, in turn, raise funding for each elders community for cultural preservation and uplifting this vital knowledge for this time. We have limited spaces to gather in-person.

This is a not for profit event. All proceeds to support cultural preservation, restoration and advocacy. 

Your Support 

With each ticket purchased you are supporting this historic event taking place as the Grandmothers tell us they are stepping into the Eagle and the Condor prophecy to bring healing to the planet at this time. Since Covid 19 the Grandmothers have heard the call that it’s their time to step out of hiding to be seen and heard. This is an opening event for many more healing events to come on this land as we prepare to build a physical Soul Seed House! This a moment of deep healing and transformation for ourselves and the Earth. This is an invitation for leaders at this time. This is an opportunity for healers to receive healing and leaders to receive elder wisdom and guidance – while we support them in return.

Each ticket purchase allows us to support these communities directly and in particular, we will be building something important for the future of the Bri Bri here.

Thank you for taking part in person, with our later digital event or in spirit!


October 6th N/E Rebirth

Arrival and Welcome

New Moon

Cleansing Ceremony + Cacao Ceremony

October 7th East Air

Introductions, Matriarchal Traditions & Connection

Bri Bri basket weaving with Fidelia

Sacred songs and Singing circle

October 8th South Fire

Building Traditional Sweatlodge

Guarani Medicine Wheel Flower Mandalas + Herbal baños (Sacred baths)

Shipibo Ayahuasca Ceremony (add-on option) or/ Grandmothers Sweatlodge option

October 9th West Water

Rest and integration day

Optional Beach trip

Prayers for the Waters and Ocean blessing

Integration circle

Mini documentary screening + Q&A

October 10th North Earth

Pipe Tobacco ceremony and prayer

Council panel conversation with Elders – History of Women’s Spiritual Leadership

Low Leaf performance & Into The Wild Dance Party

October 11th Center Heart

Community Celebration Day – Day Pass Available for locals

Bri Bri Marketplace

Founding Mothers Council evening – Our give back and reciprocity to the Bri Bri community

October 12th 

Sunrise Closing Celebration