• $1,500.00 – Shared Room Guest House. Double occupancy
  • $1,750.00 – Private room in guest house with shared bathrooms. Single Occupancy
  • $3,000.00 – Private Casita with attached bathroom and veranda. Single Occupancy.
  • $2,250.00 – Shared Casita Triple Occupancy
  • $2,500.00 – Semi-private Loft in Shared Casita
  • $4,750.00 – Private Casita with attached bathroom and veranda. Double Occupancy.
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Journey to Self

With Josue and Ronit

April 17 - 23, 2022

Join us on this journey to self awareness through plant medicines guided by caring and experienced masters of ceremony. Each day of this experience has been specially curated to provide support and nourishment for the journey of your lifetime. This plant medicine retreat is not for those merely interested in plant medicine, but for those who are truly ready to face their shadows and engage with themselves on an inner-worldly level.  This plant medicine retreat will feature an Ayahuasca ceremony with additional ceremonial offerings of Wayra, Rape’ and Peyote.  Daily practices and meditations along with herbal baths and sweat lodge gatherings will help you prepare and integrate this intense experience of plant medicine ceremonies.




Josue found his path in life in the meeting of music, medicine and integration. His journey started as an apprentice during Ayahuasca retreats with a gifted Peruvian Medicine Woman. He soon was given the responsibility of holding ceremonies and retreats himself. His journey continued when he embraced the traditional Lakota Vision quest, a ritual of prayer, fasting and isolation in nature. From the assimilation of these various experiences, the vision…
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Ronit is a gifted Yoga and movement teacher and gently helps participants maximize the benefit of the plant medicines through conscious movement and breath work. Ronit also shares her knowledge of deep juice cleansing and other transforming detox tools. As a dedicated Moon Dance practitioner, she practices this beautiful prayer ritual of the Mexican tradition. The Moon Dance gathers women from all over the world during the full moon. The…
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