Healing with Crystals and Chakra Points

Crystals are growing in popularity as a healing tool, particularly when used on the seven main chakras of the human body, aligned down the spine. Spiritual healers connect a wide array of conditions and ailments to the chakras and consider disease to be a side-effect of blocked chakras. Using crystals linked to these specific chakras can help the unblocking process and speed up the healing of the body and mind.

Read on to discover the chakras, their locations and associated health conditions, and which crystals to use specifically for the main chakras.

Root chakra

Located at the base of the spine (right around the tailbone), the root chakra is associated with the colour red.

Health issues from a blocked root chakra include arthritis, constipation, as well as bladder and colon problems.

Which crystal to use?

Choose from red jasper, garnet, and hematite specifically for healing in these areas.

Sacral chakra

The sacral chakra is located just above the pubic bone and beneath the navel, and associated with orange.

A blocked sacral chakra impacts impotence, sexually transmitted diseases, urinary tract infections and lower back pain

Which crystal to use?

Use soothing amber and carnelian to get your sacral chakra back to full power.

Solar plexus chakra

The solar plexus chakra, associated with the colour yellow, is located in the pper abdomen, just below the breast bone.

When this chakra becomes blocked it tends to manifest in digestive issues, eating disorders, ulcers, heartburn and indigestion.

Which crystal to use?

Agate, Tiger’s eye, yellow jade and citrine are all great crystals for this area of the body.


Heart chakra

Located in the centre of chest just above your heart, the heart chakra is associated with the colour green.

A blocked heart chakra manifests in issues like asthma, weight problems, insomnia and heart disease.

Which crystal to use?

Use the beautiful adventurine, rose quartz and amazonite crystals to clear your heart chakra.

Throat chakra

The throat chakra is located in the throat and associated with blue.

Blockages in the throat chakra often result in dental problems impacting the teeth, gums, and mouth as a whole, as well as throat and voice problems.

Which crystal to use?

The stunning blue apatite, turquoise and celestite are all fantastic crystals for working on the throat chakra.

Third eye chakra

Probably the best known chakra to the general public, it’s located between your eyes on the forehead, and associated with the colour indigo.

A blocked third eye chakra can result in headaches and migraines as well as problems concentrating, and issues with sight and hearing.

Which crystal to use?

Choose from striking lapis lazuli, sapphire and sodalite to clear blockages from your third eye chakra.

Crown chakra

Situated at the very top of the head, exactly like a crown, this chakra is associated with both violet and white and is linked to all other chakras and organs, the brain and nervous system.

A blocked crown chakra can manifest in depression, mental exhaustion, clumsiness and light sensitivity.

Which crystal to use?

Choose moonstone, amethyst, and clear quartz to unblock the crown chakra. Clear quartz is also considered a universal crystal – it amplifies the properties of all of the other crystals.

Choosing and using crystals for healing  

The best way to choose the right crystal is to select the one you are drawn to the most. While this article covers the main crystals used for specific chakra healing, there are thousands out there – and the one you really feel drawn to might not be covered here. That’s perfectly fine.

It’s a lot better to work with something that speaks to you on a personal level than something that feels like a tick-box exercise! Remember that healing as a spiritual exercise always starts with intent. That includes the crystals you ultimately use.

There are also crystals listed here under one chakra that you might want to use somewhere else – moonstone, for example, is brilliant for digestive issues as well as clearing your crown chakra. Feel free to use them as such.

The crystals you choose act as a focal point. There is no wrong way to use a crystal as a healing tool, but most people like to place them over the specific points of healing – in this case along the chakras – and concentrate on the body, allowing it to begin the journey to full health.

Charging the crystals – or removing any potential negative energy – is as simple as placing them in sunlight or moonlight, soaking them in salt water or running water, holding them under a rainfall, or using a smudge stick or sage stick. Most crystal practitioners will do this after using their crystals, or before using them for the first time. Do what feels right to you as part of the healing ritual.

Set your intentions and make sure you have some quiet time to do this – there are few things more disconcerting than having to rush to the door or phone shedding crystals along the way – and take the time to meditate on each stone, on how you want them to help you, and the part of yourself you are going to heal.

Then lie back and place them against the relevant chakras. Relax and visualise them working at cleansing the blockages in each chakra, or simply go into your usual meditative state with them place. You’ve set the intention to let them do the work.

Nowadays, crystals can be found almost everywhere, from craft shops to online stores, and prices vary depending on the stone and its size and condition. You can also go crystal hunting in your local area, or even your garden. There are few things as satisfying as finding your own crystal in the wild.

If you do buy on-line, make sure it’s from a reputable seller. As crystals have gained in popularity, there’s been a sharp increase in fake crystals. Most of these are easily spotted in person, especially once they’re handled. It’s a great idea to visit shops selling crystals and stones in-person to get used to their appearance and a good idea of the price range involved before buying on-line.

There’s also a marked trend in dying crystals and stones to achieve certain colours. It’s up to you whether this is something you’re happy with or not. The practice of dying stones and passing them off as natural is considered completely unethical, no matter which side of the fence you’re on.

Whichever way you go, crystal collecting is a satisfying experience. Being able to use them to amplify healing is a bonus.


Photo credit:Photo by Dan Farrell on Unsplash