Ten Vortex Sites Around the World You May Not Know About

As a way to connect to your inner self and the world around you, very few things can beat a visit to an energy vortex. With strong links to ley lines, these intersections of energy and tranquillity  be found on both famous and relatively unknown sites. These sites have called to humanity for centuries, as evidenced by the remnants of the past found by archaeologists at sites like Stonehenge and Glastonbury, and are frequently considered sacred ground by local populations.

But what about the lesser known sites? There are plenty out that are already well-known tourist destinations for their natural beauty, but also have powerful vortex energy attached to them.

And as you’ll see, there are at two that we know about, and cannot access at all.

La Senda, Costa Rica

Near the renowned beach town of Tamarindo, a huge favourite on the surfing circuit, lies a farm that contains not one, but two energy vortexes.

Originally discovered by dowsing rod, the owners of the farm have paid tribute to the  energies by building the worlds largest labyrinth from cacti. Using the rules of sacred geometry, the labyrinth forms a spiral that winds around both of the vortexes and links their opposing energy fields.

Choosing cardon and tuna cacti to represent male and female energy planted in a specific three-two pattern, La Senda – which means The Path – provides a meditative experience for visitors who walk the labyrinth to reach the sacred Ceiba tree planted in each centre. The view below is from our retreat center located in the heart of Costa Rica.

costa rica landscape

Nauyaca, Costa Rica

On the South Pacific coast of Costa Rica, the Nauyaca waterfalls are found on private property that you can either hike to or visit on horse-back after buying a ticket.

The combined falls reach a height of 200 feet, dropping into two pools. While the first is off-limits due to hazards, the second is perfect for a dip as a way to recharge while connecting with the site’s energy. Surrounded by greenery, falling water and the gorgeous red rocks that direct the falls, it’s the perfect place to connect with nature and the energy of Costa Rica.

The hiking trail is rated as intermediate, so you’ll need to be fit to do it, and make sure you take drinks and food with you as these are not supplied as part of the hike or horseback trail.

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona is probably the best known vortex centre on this list.

Long renowned for its powerful and sacred energy, the entire area could be considered a vortex, with certain areas marked as being stronger energetically and known as the local vortex sites. The four best known are found at Bell Rock, Boynton Canyon, Cathedral Rock and Airport Mesa, but there are many more besides.

Believed to have multiple ley line convergences, it’s impossible to visit without being affected by the energy and dazzling natural beauty of the desert.

You can find everything from retreats to vortex tours available here, with the major vortex sites clearly marked on maps for visitors who want to explore for themselves.

Table Mountain, South Africa

Considered to be the Earth elemental vortex by some practitioners, Table Mountain dominates the city of Cape Town with steep walled cliffs and the ever-present table cloth formed of soft mist and clouds.

Visitors can take either the cable car or hike to the top of the mountain. While the hiking paths are not recommended for beginners, with even the easiest route taking between 1.5 to 2 hours for physically fit hikers, and the weather can change rapidly.

The energy from the mountain is palpable even at the lower slopes, and a fair number of spiritual visitors chose to spend their time there instead of at the top amongst the crowds of tourists.

On a good weather day, the mountain can get crowded. The cable car company estimates a million visitors are transported to the top in a year.

Haleakala volcano, Hawaii

An enormous shield volcano, Haleakala forms more than 75% of the island of Maui.

Named by the early Hawaiians,  the name means “House of the Sun”, an apt description for the fire elemental vortex found here. At 10,023 feet above sea level, the sheer size of Haleakala takes your breath away.

Considered the heart chakra of the world, it matches the Schumann Resonance of 7.8 cycles per second, generating a unique energy field unlike anywhere else on earth.

Es Vedra, Ibiza

Less than two miles off the Ibiza coast, Es Verda is a limestone rock rising out of the water.

Up to 400 metres tall at the highest point, this dedicated nature reserve is off-limits to visitors – you can sail around it and take a tour on a glass-bottomed boat, but you won’t be able to set foot on shore.

Rated as the third most magnetic place in the world by esoteric sites, it is rumoured to be the tip of the lost island of Atlantis, with multiple modern day sightings of UFO’s and USO’s (unidentified swimming objects) reported.

Rotopounamu Lake, New Zealand

The planet’s elemental  water vortex, Lake Rotopounamu is nine metres deep and covers one square kilometre.

This small lake is fed by seven streams but has no visible outflow – it is believed to drain underground – and the entire lake can be walked around on an available loop track in about two hours.

The local esoteric community holds six monthly walks and blessings at the lake, with all invited to join in and celebrate.

Uluru, Australia

Uluru rises out of the desert of the Northern Territory, Australia. Also known as Ayers Rock, Uluru has been sacred to the Aboriginal people for centuries.

A world heritage site, the massive sandstone formation is largely buried – what we see is relatively tiny, with almost 2.5km of it under ground. The best analogy is a rock version of an iceberg – fairly apt considering the entire area was once a sea bed. At 348 meters high and 2.2 miles longs, it takes around 3.5 hours to walk around the base.

Because of its sacred status, in 2017 all climbing on the rock was legally stopped.  The area contains multiple rock paintings, springs, caves and waterholes that contribute to the energy around this massive feature.

While Uluru is known for its bright red colouring caused by iron oxidation, the rock is known to change colour depending on the sun movement – from orange to red to violet and blue due to the high concentration of feldspar in the sandstone.

Lake Titicaca, Peru

Over 3 million years old, Lake Titicaca has a wealth of lore around it on top of the largest energy vortex in South America.

From legends of the ancient Lemurians, to a reputation as a portal of the gods, this ancient lake has a deserved reputation for being one of the most powerful sacred spaces on the planet.

Lake Titicaca sits 3800 above sea level, so be prepared for altitude sickness and take any hiking slowly and cautiously.

The Uros islands are a group of 70 man-made reed islands created and still lived on by the Uros tribe, a culture that pre-dates the Inca civilisation. You can also  visit Tacquile, Amantani, and the Islands of the Sun and the Moon to experience and share the traditional cultures on each.

You can book vortex tours and retreats that concentrate specifically on this phenomenal ancient lake – even a swimming tour, if you can bear the very cold water. Keep in mind that due to the elevation, any sort of tour is going to take time since you’ll need to acclimatize – plan your itinerary accordingly.

Kuh-e Malek Sia

This small mountain is on the tri-point of one of Earths political hotspots ( Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan), unfortunately making it difficult to visit and experience safely.

Considered to correlate to the third-eye chakra, along with Mt Fuji in Japan, this 4600 foot high mountain is in one of the toughest and most inhospitable places on earth.

Like Es Verda, you won’t be able to physically visit Kuh-e Malek Sia, and very little is known about it.

Most experts call this a non-fixed chakra, meaning it travels around the earth on a cycle. If you are on an energy tour around the world, you’ll need to visit Mt Fuji instead to cross the third eye off of your list.

These energy vortexes are intriguing, gorgeous, and irresistible to anyone looking for places to expand their inner knowledge.

With care, you’ll be able to visit almost every one of them.