7 Best Yoga Poses for Two People 

Are you looking for beginner-friendly yoga poses for two people? Partner yoga is an exciting way of bonding two people together through play, movement, touch, breath and trust. It enhances intimacy and stronger communication between partners.

Whether you do it with a lover, friend or family member, yoga is certain to enhance your strength, stability and flexibility. Besides, it is effective in reducing stress, toning muscle, enhancing breathing, etc.

If you want to enjoy yoga’s full benefits with a companion, perhaps you should consider performing yoga. Of course, be ready to open up to your partner and trust them to keep you comfortable and safe during the sessions. 

While there are plenty of yoga poses for two people, we’ve taken our time to choose partner yoga poses that are easy to execute. These are great poses for those starting or those in the intermediate level. Are you looking to bond with your partner through couples yoga? Here are ten yoga poses for couples you should consider.

What is Partner Yoga?

Partner yoga is a type of yoga involving two people uniting to create a new posture. Partner yoga should not be confused with assisted yoga, which involves one person giving support to another to execute moves. Partner yoga is meant to improve bonding and communication between partners. 

Benefits of Yoga For Two People

Performing yoga for two people is beneficial in many ways. If you’re still on the fence on whether to try out partner yoga, here are the benefits of yoga for two people you should consider.

Create a memorable experience

Partner yoga allows you to create memorable experiences with another person that will last forever. While going for a holiday is seen as the ultimate way to have fun, performing partner yoga is one of the cool adventures you can try at home. At the start, it may prove challenging, but it will be worth it in the end when you start enjoying the process. Ultimately, it’s a great way to create strong bonds of any type.

Enjoy your life

Partner yoga gives you a chance to create a childlike experience of learning to play, laugh and enjoy life. You and your Partner will learn not to take life seriously and enjoy the moment without worrying about the day to day challenges of life. If you want to have fun, play and have some laughter with your friend, consider performing partner yoga.

Live in the present

The attractive thing about partner yoga is that it helps you live in the present moment. When you’re fully engaged in the activity, you’ll have no time to stress yourself about the future or past. You’ll not worry about the household chores or unfinished work at home. All you’ve got is your and your partner practising mindfulness together.

Trust another person

When you learn to trust others, you improve the ability to trust yourself. In partner yoga, you depend on another person to perform moves or poses. For example, in all moves, you’ll have to trust your partner to support you to execute the moves correctly. If you fall, rise and try again with the support of your partner. In the end, partner yoga will help you have trust in yourself and others, something that’s important if you want to succeed in life.

Enhance your health and physical condition

Like other types of yoga, partner yoga can enhance your health in many ways. When twisting and turning, you tone your muscle, increase metabolism, burn fat, etc. Many people view yoga as a meditative practice, but partner yoga can improve your mental and spiritual health and improve your physical health. This type of yoga will also improve your relationship with another person making it a great option.

Yoga poses for the people

Seated Meditation – Sukhasana

This is one of the first yoga poses many people perform when performing partner yoga. With the seated meditation pose, sit with your leg crossed and your back against your partner. Place your palms on the folded thighs and close your eyes. Your and your partner’s deep breathing will foster kinesthetic communication. This pose works best when you focus on your partner and start to see the world beyond yourself. It’s a great posture for beginners looking to try out many poses.

Seated Twist (Ardha Matsyendrasana)

Start with both your legs crossed and your backs resting in opposite directions. Bring your right hand into your colleague’s left knee. Twist your left hand into your partner’s right knee. Stay in the position for 5-7 breaths before switching sides.

Standing Forward Fold (Uttanasana)

Begin in the mountain pose, raise your arms standing with backs against each other. Join at the hips and bend forward with your head facing downward and chest resting on your thighs. Hold each one elbow or hands and look at each other. Stay in the position for 5-7 breaths.

Double Tree pose

The doubletree is one of the easiest yoga poses to perform for two people. If you’re a beginner, then this pose is not only simple, but it helps you fall in love with the concept of partner yoga. It can enhance your balance and even help both of you lose weight. Besides, it enhances trust, communication and bonding between two people.

How to perform the tree pose for a couple:

Stand straight close to your partner with your hips hinged side by side

Raise your arms and bring your palms to touch each other

Lift your legs into tree position and let your inner feet provide support

While performing tree pose, open up to your partner and trust them to support you. This is a great pose for increasing bond and communication between partners.

Partner Standing Forward Fold Pose

The partner standing forward fold is a beginner-friendly yoga pose for two people. It enhances flexibility, strength, balance and fosters trust between two people.

How to perform the partner standing forward pose:

Stand upright with your back positioned against your partner.

Bend forward, stretch your hands to the rear of your leg and hold your partner’s shin.

Let your partner do likewise.

Double Boat Yoga Pose

The double boat pose is one of the easiest partners poses out there. It doesn’t require the application of excess forge, and the hip flexors aren’t stressed much.

How to perform the double boat yoga pose:

Begin by sitting on the mat facing your partner with your knees bent and toes touching each other

Hold one another’s hands.

While still holding hands, lean back, lift one leg press it against your partner

Lift another leg and press it against the other partner’s legs with soles touching each other

Stay in the position for 5-7 breaths.

Supported Backbend Yoga Pose

Yoga backend poses are meant to increase the strength and stability of the lower spine. 

How to perform supported backend yoga pose:

You are standing upright Facing your Partner and bring your toes to touch each other.

Hold your colleague, forearms.

Breath in and out while bending backwards

Double Dance Pose

Double dancer yoga pose is great for stretching muscles, clutches, core and improving balance.

Start by standing upward, facing towards your Partner two feet apart.

Bring one of your arms forward to hold your partner’s shoulder. Your partner’s palm should also stretch the arm and hold his/her shoulder.

Grab your one of your leg and bring it upward towards your bottom

Both you and Partner should bend forward and guide the leg upwards.

Breath in and out and you keep the balance for 5-10 breaths.


Partner yoga is an exciting way to bond and enhance communication with a partner, friend or family member. If performing yoga on your own doesn’t seem exciting, consider practising partner yoga, and you’ll not regret. The poses highlighted above can enhance your flexibility, trust strength and communication between you and your partner. It’s highly advised that you start with an easy to execute pose before you experiment with complex poses.