Limón Province is a Hot Spot for Cultural Adventure

With a vibrant mix of Tico, Indigenous and Afro-Caribbean culture, Limón Province shines as a unique region of Costa Rica that offers true cultural adventure. This Caribbean coastal province is home to a deep-rooted Jamaican culture, which descended from the Jamaican laborers who came in 1871 to build a railroad connecting the Caribbean coast to the Pacific side.

Today, you can find Jamaican heritage woven into the communities along the coast. Cahuita, Puerto Viejo, Manzanillo are among the towns where Rastafarian Tico’s continue to cook delicious Caribbean food and speak Afro-Caribbean-English patois with a little Spanish thrown in. Music and dance are a very important parts of this culture which contributes to the area’s fun night life and colorful music scene. In addition to current reggae beats, vintage calypso can be heard floating through the air from the local barber shops, bars, and restaurants.

Local delicacies include Caribbean red beans and coconut rice, jerk chicken, coconut curry fish and vegetables or rondon, coconut shrimp, meat pastry or pati, and candied fruit & spice cake known as pan bon.

On the out skirts of town within the rainforest you’ll find communities of local indigenous tribes like the Bribri. Maintaining a sacred relationship with the jungle, their home for thousands of years, these people of the forest teach us that the Earth is the giver of wisdom, nourishment, and healing to all living beings. They understand the power the forest holds, with medicine people claiming they can identify over 1500 plants to cure illness, including cancer, diabetes, and blood disorders.

While staying at Samasati, guests also have the opportunity to experience a tour through the Kèköldi Indian Reserve.
During this excursion, a knowledgeable guide shares information about the community, its history, culture, and traditions.

Guests also learn how to identify edible and medicinal plants and their properties. This tour includes delicious traditional lunch served in a banana leaf, chocolate making (and sampling) on a cacao farm according to ancient methods and finally a stop at a stunning waterfall to cool off. Learn more now about the Indian Reserve Tour.

With such a beautiful melting pot of cultures, Costa Rica’s southern Caribbean is a must see destination for cultural adventure travel. In addition to beach fun, rainforest & wildlife discovery, and water adventures, the food and cultural tours are a phenomenal way to explore Costa Rica. Join our Travel Community and receive 20% off your lodging on Your Cultural Adventure today!