A Perfect Day in Costa Rica

Over the past few years, one of the most common questions we received is, “What is a typical day on retreat in Costa Rica like?”

We love answering this question, it gets to the heart of Costa Rican culture, the spirit of “Pura Vida”, which translates to “Pure Life”.

So, what does a typical day at Samasati look like?

A guest at Samasati who stayed here for 8 days, recently recounted her favorite day…

6:21am– I awoke this morning to the sound of toucans and howler monkeys. As I take a deep breath of the fresh morning air, a feeling of ease & anticipation rushes over me as I’m greeted by the sun rising up over the sparkling Caribbean Sea.

6:46am– Early morning is perfect for walking about the rainforest sanctuary and seeing the jungle’s wildlife put on a dazzling display. On the walk to the yoga studio, capuchins and blue morpho butterflies make magical guest appearances.

7:00am– Class begins with resident yoga instructor Stephanie McKenzie, she makes gentle adjustments as I flow through my sun salutations, all my senses awaken and I set my intention for the day …

8:30am – My day of adventure and deep restoration is fueled by a delicious breakfast buffet that serves the finest foods and fruits of Costa Rica, all with stunning views from the open air restaurant. Many of the fresh organic fruits are even picked on the property. Travelers from all over the world love the Tico traditional dishes such as gallo pinto, plantains and homemade breads. Nourishing and healthy staples like oatmeal, granola and cold pressed juices are also offered.

10am – With an early start, a yoga class and breakfast complete, it’s off to town on the beach shuttle for a few hours of sun, shopping and exploration. Puerto Viejo’s lively but laid back Caribe vibes are perfect for flowing from beach bumming to bike rental to beach bar.

10:43am – I pedal south down the coast and eventually the jungle grows thicker on either side of the road and the breeze is filled with scents of the forest and flowers. I find a secluded spot on the beach to stop for solitary swim and take a selfie and right before getting back on the bike, I see a sloth hanging out in the tree!

12:50pm – After biking through a couple of beach towns, I decide to fuel up at one of the local restaurants that serve everything from classic Costa Rican dishes to spicy Caribbean jerk. Picking a cafe was tough as this place is a melting pot of cultures and everything smells delicious. Turns out this province is the most culturally diverse region in the entire country.

1:30 pm – I park my bike at the Jaguar Rescue Center for a quick tour of their rehabilitation center and of course to see the jungle animals up close. I’m so glad I did because I got to see monkeys, big exotic cats, birds, anteaters, sloths, caimans and rainforest creatures I never knew existed!

2:40pm – I return my rental bike and before catching the 3 o’clock shuttle back to Samasati I enjoy a well deserved tropical cocktail complete with gentle sea breeze and reggae music.

3:23pm – Back at my casita just in time for a soothing soak in the hot tub before a scheduled rainforest massage. After an hour and a half of healing bliss at the spa, a twilight chorus of birds, monkeys and wildlife accompany the setting sun. This is heaven!

7pm – At the restaurant, candles flicker and music fills the air; guests from all corners of the globe settle in with smiles from their day of discovery. Dinner is served and each dish draws “oohs” and “ahs”. Exotic vegetables star in Asian stir fry, Caribbean fusion coconut curries, Italian twists like yucca lasagna, brightly colored, homemade dressings and of course, dessert. A decadent chocolate cake is served and stories, laughs and inspirations flow around the table.

8:13pm – Deeply satisfied, dinner ends with a reverent moment as the moon makes an appearance reflecting on the inky sea. Whole and complete, happy and full, and with all the ingredients for a perfect day, it’s time for a restful night’s sleep and sweet dreams of what tomorrow’s adventure will be.