Top Reasons Why You’ll Love Costa Rica’s Caribbean this Summer

The South Caribbean has a Special Micro Climate

Many people don’t know that the weather on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica is quite different than on the Pacific coast. While other regions of Costa Rica have seasonal rains, the rain is spread out consistently on the Caribbean side. On any given day, the rain may be very brief or it may be abundant, offering a breathtaking rainforest experience. Thankfully, showers usually happen at night or late in the afternoon and the sun shines almost every day. Year round the temperature hovers at 80 degrees and it lowers to around 70 degrees at night. Because Samasati is on a hill, 600 feet above the sea level, the breeze from the sea keeps our micro climate very pleasant.

The Rainforest and Coast is Teeming with Wildlife

During summer, you’ll find the Caribbean rainforests are at their peak and lushest state, exotic flowers are blooming and our monkey and sloth friends are out playing. It’s truly one of the best times to visit for wildlife sightings. The warm and sunny mornings and are an ideal time to head to the beach or take a tour. May we recommend Samasati’s Nature Trek to Cascade Falls! (link to ). The afternoon tropical rains are soothing and it’s the perfect time for a siesta in one of our rainforest hammocks.

Nature lovers will be delighted to know this is the time of year when the endangered green sea turtles come to nest on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast. Tortuguero National Park is a great place to visit for turtle hatching season from July to October.

Summer is Great Time to Explore the Local Caribbean Culture

All year round the Caribbean is an uncharted Foodie’s Paradise, but during summer, there are less tourists and restaurants are yours to enjoy. On the Caribbean coast, cooking styles are influenced by a delightful mix of Afro-Caribbean, Indigenous, Spanish and Tico cultures. Food trekking via a rented bicycle along our charming beach towns is a true “cultural experience.” The region’s unique fusion of flavors are also evident in the dishes prepared in Samasati’s own special Caribbean kitchen.

Don’t forget dessert! After your food trek, enjoy a chocolate tour. Once so cherished, chocolate was used as a currency in Latin America. Today, cacao and organic chocolate is one of the main staple crops of the Caribbean. Indigenous Tribes such as the Bribri, who inhabit the region, have a sacred relationship with the cacao plant for uses in ritual, food and medicinal remedies. There are some wonderful tours where they share the history of their ancient methods with others. Enjoy chocolate tours and tastings, which are only a few miles from Samasati. There is even an annual Chocolate Festival in Puerto Viejo!