Explore Costa Rica’s Largest Coral Reef at Cahuita National Park

One of the most gorgeous parks in Costa Rica is Cahuita National Park, located on the Southern Caribbean coast near Puerto Viejo and 10 minutes from Samasati Retreat & Rainforest Sanctuary. At a total of 2,711 acres, it is home to the largest coral reef in Costa Rica hosting an astonishing amount of marine biodiversity. Also, in the park resides many different species of animals and plants.

Cahuita is known for its underwater attractions and allows visitors the ability to swim the aquamarine coastal waters. The reef is an immense 600 acres of 35 different species of coral. Snorkeling is a “must do” activity as the underwater sanctuary is home to a wonderful variety of marine life like urchins, barracudas, octopi, crustaceans and over 125 species of fish. Sunken ships can be explored as well and in order to help protect the coral reef, snorkeling must be done with a guide.


On land, Cahuita National Park is extremely well maintained with hiking trails and beautiful white sand beaches outlining the aqua blue sea of the Caribbean. The jungle borders the beach where wildlife is abundant. Visitors can see several types of monkeys, rodents, reptiles, and exotic birds. During season, the sea turtles use the park’s beaches to lay their eggs.
At the main camping area, Puerto Vargas, there is a small fee where there is access to facilities and campsites located among the palm trees. There is no entrance fee required to get into the park from the Cahuita side; however, they gladly accept donations. There is so much to do from solo or guided hiking to snorkeling, surfing and boat tours, Cahuita is definitely worth a visit! The park is 10 minutes from Samasati – check out the Cahuita National Park Hiking Tour.