Costa Rica is the Happiest Country

Costa Rica is the Happiest Country according to the Happiest Planet Index. So why are Costa Ricans so Happy?

#1 – Ticos Dig Nature. Ticos love their environment and are considered global leaders in ecological sustainability. One of the most biodiverse places on the planet, Costa Rica as tiny as it is, holds 5% of the planet’s animal and plant species.

These days, Costa Rica has one of the most prosperous ecotourism industries in the world, thanks to the officials who took action in the 1970’s.  Consisting of protected rainforests, cloud forests, marine areas, and wetlands, more than 25 percent of the total landmass in Costa Rica is cared for by the National Park System!

Research shows spending time in nature reduces stress and elevates mood. Ticos get to experience this stunning beauty all year around, so it’s no wonder why they are the happiest country!


#2- Pura Vida! Remember when you were a child and didn’t feel weighed down by responsibilities? You were carefree and life was uncluttered and fun. Nobody embraces these things more than ticos. They live ‘pura vida style’, an expression and philosophy of enjoying life to its fullest, having gratitude for what they have, and appreciating the simple things and their loved ones.

It’s hard not to be happy when you value eternal optimism. Imagine what a better world it would be if other countries adopted a Pura Vida attitude. Come to Costa Rica, meet the locals and experience Pura Vida for yourself!

#3 – Health and happiness go hand in hand. A tropical paradise, Costa Rica provides fertile land for growing super foods and offers an array of terrain for fun physical activity. In other words, Costa Rica is the perfect place to maintain great health and happiness!

Most towns have organic and vegetarian restaurants and farmer’s markets with fresh local produce. A few of the super foods you can find in this region are coconut, which is packed with nutrients and minerals, noni fruit, known for its immune boosting effects and the antioxidant rich raw cacao.

Costa Rica is a giant playground and getting physically active while having fun could not be easier. From world renowned surfing spots to calmer water for paddle boarding and kayaking, ocean sports are a popular way to stay fit. Hiking and rainforest exploration is also a favorite activity among outdoor enthusiasts.

It could be the tropical lifestyle, the incredible natural environment or their Pura Vida attitude, but tico’s seem to imbue inner peace and wellbeing. The people of Costa Rica understand the importance of balancing work and play with taking time to reflect and heal, knowing that in a quiet space of gratitude and love one can feel more joyful. Take time for yourself with one of our curated retreats or our private yoga packages.