Mindful-Wellness Immersion in Costa Rica

By Dr. Suzanne Nixon

With the pace of the modern world getting faster and faster, the pace of our everyday life gets faster. Caught up in the rush and the fury, it is challenging keeping up with demands on our time, energy and resources, stress builds. We fall out of alignment with our healthy, centered self, and fall prey to unhealthy behaviors, habits and patterns of living. How do you begin to come back into alignment with yourself? How do you let go of stress and nourish your mind, body and spirit? How do you establish healthy practices that create a feeling of “goodness” and sustain it in your everyday life? Where do you go to recharge, renew and regain a sense of yourself?

Inspirational Journeys, a lifestyle wellness travel company specializes in leading immersion programs, combining mindfulness practices, holistic health principles and walking/hiking activities. Our intent is to submerge you in an experience of mindful, healthy living and daily mind-body practices that promote whole health and cultivate a lifestyle of balanced living. Retreats held in beautiful, natural “away from home” environments are effective ways to gain perspective, stimulate sensory pathways, deepen awareness and invite appreciation and gratitude for all that is. The SamaSati Retreat Center and Rainforest Sanctuary is a magnificently rich and abundant environment, a place that holds space for you and nourishes your mind, body and soul. Join us in this special healthy, mindful living retreat and let yourself be transported you into a “zone” where you can restore, renew and reawaken. Live the experience!

Mindful Living Wellness Travel Retreat