Top 20 Yoga & Wellness Blogs to Follow (2020)

Are you searching for inspiration yoga blogs follow in 2020? Navigating through the internet can be a tall order for many people. Also, even if you find a blog on the first page of Google, how do you determine if the information written there is accurate, updated, and valuable. Thankfully, you don’t have to search or identify quality blogs worth your click, because we have done the hard work for you. So you can relax. 

How did we come up with the recommended list? We considered blogs on factors such as the number of readers a blog attracts per month, how often blog is updated, choice of topics, the quality of research and writing, etc. We also considered blogs that provide their followers with rich content in the form of workshops, videos, yoga classes, free challenges, online store, guided meditation, and more. In a nutshell, we picked blogs that offer incredible value to the yoga community you belong in. Want to check out our list? Here are 20 of the best yoga blogs in no particular order. Enjoy!

Bad Yogi

If you don’t like to do the things the unconventional way, then Erin Motz will undoubtedly intrigue you with her eccentric conduct towards Yoga. For example, she eats a lot of cheese, loves wine, and doesn’t converse in Sanskrit in her yoga training sessions. In short, she’s not the average yogi you probably know.

Why is she doing this? She has fully expressed herself to the world about her mission to make Yoga more accessible, less exclusive, and devoid of judgment. If you’re looking for a blog that breaks all the rules and traditions of Yoga, check out Bad Yogi today.

Ju Yogi

The Ju Yogi is one of the top recommended blogs if you’re searching for quality yoga content to motivate your yoga journey. The blog is run by Ju Schneeberger,  a famous content creator that’s garnering immense attention online. The blog covers a variety of Yoga topics revolving around spirituality, happiness, veganism, and sustainability. Ju became certified as a yoga teacher in 2015 and has been producing informative and valuable content that readers love. What’s more, this is not your average yoga blogger, as Miss Schneeberger also blogs about travelling activities you can do as a yogi. 

My Five-Minute Yoga Practice

Ever find yourself always coming up with excuses when it comes to practising Yoga? Spending only 5 minutes with Eve Johnson, will make you more disciplined and dedicated to your yoga practice than before. If you follow this blog, you’re likely to increase and enhance your yoga practice, especially at home. Follow Eva in her hometown Vancouver and watch how she enjoys her day-to-day life that’s filled with adventure and fabulous stories.

Mind-Body Green

Mind Body Green is a versatile blog covering a wide range of topics on wellness and health. The blog features yoga tips, dieting, lifestyle, and lots of ways to combat stress. It has a huge reader base and also features user-generated content in the form of personal stories. If you’re looking for a blog that publishes numerous articles each week, consider subscribing to it.

Runners Love Yoga

Runners Love Yoga is the first blog you should follow if you’re a running enthusiast. Both yoga and running are perfect for your health because they enhance your breathing, make you stronger, help you become more mindful, and improve your overall health condition. Started by Amm Mazur, a licensed yoga teacher, and runner, this is the person you need to follow if you want to get results both on the track and mat..

Higher Living Yoga

Are you a yoga enthusiast looking to create a brand online and possibly become an influencer? This is the blog to follow. The blog is run by a married couple who go by the names Matt and Seanta. They share a wide range of topics such as yoga tips, yoga apps to follow, recommended yoga blogs, and much more, etc. All this content is meant to help you understand the business side of Yoga and ultimately help you create your brand and become an influencer online.

Yogi Approved

Yogi Approved is another blog with a huge reader base you should consider checking out. If you wish to learn more on mindfulness, love, sex, fitness, and Yoga, this one of the top candidates to consider. On one section of the blog, you can enroll in a yoga class and be taught by a handful of experienced yoga teachers. Aside from yoga content, the owners of the blog also run a “Plant a Tree” program”  which is a great initiative meant to encourage readers to plant trees in their homes and communities.

Yoga Matters

While there are many successful Yoga bloggers out there, the Yoga matters have carved a niche for itself in this competitive field. Rather than focus on informative articles about yoga practice, they do things a bit differently here. The blog focuses on events, news, and general knowledge, and it has proven to be a hit with readers so far. Moreover, you can find special Yoga themed gifts, and merchandise like health and wellness, clothing, mats, bags, and much more. 

The New York Times

Surprised about the inclusion of the New York Times? The York Times is one of the most popular news channels in the world. It’s known for its unusual delivery of news across the globe. Over time, the publication has created a dedicated health channel, which includes a section covering Yoga topics and mindfulness. Checking out the blog will no doubt improve your yoga practice and overall knowledge. 

Finess Yoga

Finess Yoga is a blog that started in India, which covers a wide variety of topics. The blog has categories for both beginners and experienced practitioners. Inside the blog, you can find a variety of content on topics such a yogi Asana, poses for pregnant women, pose for amateurs, and much more. The blog also includes a section where you can shop for accessories at affordable prices. And if you’re into celebrity culture, this blog shares the yoga routine of some of the most popular celebrities in India.

The Daily Cup of Yoga

Daily Cup of Yoga is a blog focused on teaching readers how to do Yoga poses and as well a how-to transition to a yoga lifestyle. Inside the blog, you find a variety of content in the forms of articles, videos, and tutorials. Also, you have a chance to shop for yoga-themed accessories on the blog through Aside from providing readers with content, the blog is also a home to several fitness apps you can download and use it to enhance your yoga practice and experience.

Rachel Yoga

Rachel Yoga is another yoga blog making our top 20 list. The blog’s fresh and exciting approach to Yoga makes it a favourite among many people. With humour and openness, the blog details Rachel’s personal life experiences as a yoga practitioner and mentor. The only downside is that the blog isn’t updated as regularly as more prominent blogs on the list. Otherwise, the blog is packed with lots of informative, fresh, and unique content you’ll not find anywhere else.


Yogadork is a blog with exciting content and headlines that are worth a mention. If you’re looking for a connection where Yoga intersects with pop culture, you’ e in the right place. Additionally, the blog features exciting news, opinions which are sure to pique your curiosity. 

Yoga with Adriene

Yoga with Adriene is a highly popular blog followed by a big number of readers worldwide. In addition to informative content, this blog publishes lots of videos on YouTube and has a vast subscriber base. In this blog, you can check upcoming yoga events, shop merchandise, find out forthcoming yoga programs, etc. Also, the blog has an exciting feature that allows you to connect with like-minded Yogi online. Isn’t it awesome?

Yoga Janda

Are you pregnant and currently practising prenatal fitness? If you’re looking to practice Yoga while pregnant, then Yoga Janda is the blog to follow. The blog focus on yoga tips and techniques for women to follow through the nine months. Plus, if you check out the blog, you’ll learn more about morning sickness, food craving, and more through informative videos and articles.

Yoga Girl

Yoga girl is another blog packed with insightful content, particularly in the subject of spirituality. It also highlights some of the best Yoga training programs you need to know. If you like travelling, this blog has all the info and travel package deals you might be interested in. Overall, this is one of the top yoga blogs for anyone looking for quality articles and video content touching on the art and science of yoga.

Yoga Journal Magazine

The Yoga Journal Magazine is one of the most comprehensive yoga blogs on the internet. If you’re searching for yoga practice videos, how to’s, yoga lifestyle tips, meditation and more, check out this blog, and you’ll not regret it. Plus, every week, they highlight up to 10 blogs offering amazing Yoga content to keep you informed and top of things. Whether you’re a yoga beginner or enthusiast, this blog has the content you need to improve and further your yoga journey.

Elephant Journal

If you’re a yoga practitioner, you’ll benefit from reading well-thought-out articles about Yoga and related topics. Even though there are plenty of successful blogs out here, the Elephant Journal is a class act. Founded by Waylon Lewis, the blog has exceptional content touching on mindfulness, lifestyle, wellness, and scientific research and much more. If you’re looking for a blog with in-depth scientific knowledge on topics such as human biology, nutrition, and other related fields, take time to check out his blog.

Yoga Basics

Yoga Basics is quite a popular blog that you should check out if you want to have a firm grasp on yoga basics such as meditation techniques, poses, mindfulness, philosophy, and more. Also, they post insightful tips on Yoga, particularly how to do yoga poses correctly. If you’re a beginner yogi, then this is one of the recommended blogs you should follow. 

The Yoga Mint

The yoga mint has an exciting twist to blogging that’s certain to interest you. Rather than publish long-form content, it has established and differentiated itself by focussing on short-form content, which is usually between 1-2 paragraphs per post. This approach has proven to be a hit with readers with no time to read long articles but still want to digest yoga information daily. Because of this unique approach, the blog attracts many readers each month and continues to grow in leap and bounds.

Yoga International

Lastly, you should take time to check out the Yoga international if you’re searching for informative yoga content. The blog features news, opinions, and blog posts that are well explored, edited, and formatted. If you’re searching for a blog with factual and accurate information about Yoga, then include this blog in your shortlist.

Qualities of a Yoga Blog?

Quality content

When trying to find the right yoga blogs to follow, the quality of content on display should be a considerable factor in your decision-making. Whether the blog uses articles or videos, the content must be factual, well-researched, and valuable. Ideally, it would help if you stayed away from blogs with clickbait and fluffy content.


The art and science of Yoga require a dedicated amount of practice time. As a result, blogs run by certified yoga teachers or instructors tend to do well and are trustworthy. The same cannot be said about blogs that solely exist to earn clicks on the internet.

Frequent updates

Ultimately, how often a blog is updated determines whether it will attract readers or not. Readers are likely to stick with a blog that frequently updates quality content.

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