Travel to Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast has Never been Easier!

Many people would be surprised to discover that Costa Rica’s South Caribbean coast is very different from the Pacific side. From the beaches and vegetation to the overall culture, you will find a totally different travel experience with just a 30 minute flight from one coast to the other. Avoid the commercial and overcrowded tourist traps of the Pacific coast and experience authentic Pura Vida lifestyle in a breathtaking setting off the beaten path.

You’ll immediately feel the relaxed vibes when entering the idyllic South Caribbean. The local people are friendly and welcoming, and the warm water beaches are surrounded by year-round lush tropical jungle. You’ll see surfers catching waves in the turquoise waters of world famous Salsa Brava, and as you walk through Puerto Viejo, you’ll notice people enjoying tropical drinks and delicious Afro-Caribbean food while reggae music dances through the air.

Plus, with new tour companies like Caribe Fun, you can get all your regional excursions, cultural immersions and adventure packages in a one-stop shop! Samasati would love to host your stay while you explore and discover all this unspoiled paradise has to offer.

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Traveling by Plane

Want to save some serious time and get to paradise in a hurry? Reaching the South Caribbean coast of Costa Rica is easy on a 30-minute domestic flight between San Jose and Limón. It’s an additional 40-50 minutes to Puerto Viejo from Limón. In about 90 minutes time, you can be lounging on a hammock in the tropical Caribbean with a fruity drink in hand. Plus, there are now 3 convenient flights a day offered by Sansa Airlines!

Road Transportation

With all the new and improved transportation options, travelers are able to come directly to the South Caribbean rather than stay in San José on the way in and out. The drive from San José to the Caribbean Coast beach town of Puerto Viejo is beautiful as you drive through Braulio Carrillo National Park, and over the Sucio, Reventazon and Pacuare rivers.

Easy options for traveling by road

It takes about four hours to drive the 217 kilometers or 135 miles to Puerto Viejo. Samasati provides a free shuttle to and from Puerto Viejo twice a day; otherwise, you will need a 4×4 to access Samasati Retreat and Rainforest Sanctuary. We recommend leaving San Jose before 2:00pm to avoid driving at night and to arrive before check in ends at 8pm.

For assistance with booking your transportation, please email or call 800-563-9643 in the US or 506-2537-3418 in Costa Rica.