How to Prepare for Yoga Teacher Training: (13 Tips to Consider)

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Yes, becoming a yoga teacher is one of the most in-demand skills you can have right now. With yoga becoming increasingly popular around the world, more and more people are interested in becoming yoga teachers or trainers.

According to a study done in 2018, over 300 million people actively practise yoga around the world. In the United State alone, it’s estimated that 36 million people practised yoga in 2018, the figures are expected to increase in 2019 and beyond.

So what do these figures mean? What these numbers reveal is that there’s an overwhelming demand for Yoga services and products globally. More and more people are using yoga for exercise and meditation. Naturally, these numbers also hint that’s there a huge demand for yoga training. 

Because as more people want to get into yoga, they need the services of yoga teachers.If you’ve already decided you want to become a yoga teacher or Instructor, congratulations! You are entering into an occupation that can be quite rewarding both financially, physically, mentally and spiritually. Once you’ve decided to become a yoga instructor, the next step is to get into yoga training.

Of course, the first thing is to find a recognized yoga school where you’ll undertake your studies. But before you join the actual training course, you’ll have to prepare adequately to cope with the demands of the yoga instructor program. Most yoga instructor programs are quite intensive, both physically and mentally. And this makes it hard to become a certified yoga teacher if you are not dedicated and passionate about the practice.

Remember, it’s one thing to want to become a yoga instructor, and it’s another thing to persevere through training until you graduate. 

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Why you need to prepare for Yoga Teacher Training

Preparing for yoga training school is essential. Before you are certified to become a yoga teacher, you’re required to undergo intensive yoga training(at least 3 hours a day) that’s certain to strain your body beyond the limits. 

For instance, most training programs will require you to practice Yoga 3 to 4 hours a day for the entire week.  

Your physical limits will surely be tested as a result, but that’s just a small part of the training. In a reputable yoga training course, you also learn a lot about yoga philosophy, anatomy, teaching methodology, meditation, pranayama, asana, physiology and many more concepts in a couple of months

Ultimately, proper preparations can help you transition into a yoga instructor program without any problems. Besides being prepared  reduces anxiety and sleeplessness you may be having every time you think about the instructor’s program 

Are you planning to become a yoga instructor and wondering how you can prepare yourself for the life-altering experience? Here are 13 essential tips to help you prepare for yoga teacher’s  training

Tips to help you prepare for yoga teacher training


Study yoga literature

Even though most of the Yoga practised in the United States, is based around asana and other modifications. Yoga is much deeper than that

That’s why it was crucial to study the history of Yoga from its humble beginnings in India about 5000 years ago.  In addition, you’ll need to read a lot of books about yoga to understand how the practice works and how it has evolved to date.

The last thing you want is to teach a practice you know little about or not being able to answer one of the questions your student may have. So studying the history of Yoga is exceptionally critical if you are looking to get into yoga teacher’s training.

Be clear with your intentions

People get into yoga training for a variety of reasons. Some just want to have more in-depth knowledge about Yoga, while others do it for the sole purpose of obtaining certification. 

Whatever your reason, just know that you’ll be tested to the limits and this can cause many people to quit before completing the training. 

When you want to quit, just remember what got you started in the first place so as to remain focused on the training. 

Have realistic expectations

Yes, there is a demand for yoga training around the world. However, you should have realistic expectations when enrolling for a yoga teacher’ training program..

If you are only attracted to yoga training because of the potential financial rewards, then you’re bound to be disappointed. Because becoming a yoga trainer requires grit, determination, hard work and passion. 

If you quit midway through the training, you’ll not qualify to become a yoga instructor. Perhaps, this why you should have realistic expectations when you join a yoga instructor training program. 

Choose your style

The great thing about Yoga is that you have freedom of choice when it comes to choosing your style. Fundamentally, Yoga can be practised in forms such as Hatha, Astanga, Yin Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and Vinyasa.   

Practising all the mentioned styles can help you pick a style that fits you. Ultimately, you need to choose a style that suits you because you’ll be required to practice 3 hours a day for the entire week. Imagine working with the wrong style for three hours.So it makes sense to sample all the yoga methods available if you want to find one that works for you

Plus, If you are passionate about Yoga and you want to absorb as much knowledge as you can, then you can practice up to two yoga styles at once.

Practise yoga consistently

Before signing up for a yoga teacher’s program, it’s essential to get your body in peak shape physically. Most yoga instructor training program requires that you train three hours per day for 6 days. Which means you should exercise as much as possible to build intensity and resilience before you enter the actual training program.

To sum it up, there are no shortcuts to becoming a yoga instructor, you need to exercise more in preparation for the actual training. If you don’t, you’ll struggle to keep up with those who have put in the time and work.

Attend different yoga classes

Attending various yoga classes can help you become a better yoga instructor. By getting taught by different instructors, you’ll be exposed to different ways of teaching yoga. Don’t listen to one teacher if you’re planning to become a yoga instructor. Allow yourself to experience the teachings of different teachers. From this knowledge, you can then work to create your teaching style.

Keep a journal

A majority of yoga instructor programs require you to journal often. Journaling can help you maintain your focus and manage your time correctly. More crucially, journaling can be a great source of insight and a tool for evaluating your yoga journey.

By documenting the experiences and emotions, you go through each day; you be well prepared to handle what’s ahead of you. In this case, you will be ready to handle the actual yoga instructor’s program.

Dedicate your time

Managing your time is highly advised if you’re considering becoming a yoga teacher. Once you get into the training, you’ll have to juggle a lot of things are working out, reading and handling personal commitments. So you need to become a better manager of your time.

In the end, becoming a competent yoga instructor requires time, hard work and dedication. Most programs can stretch up to six months, so it’s good to start organizing your schedule in preparation for the course. 

Having a well -thought schedule can help you prepare better for instructors’ training. Some of the things you can do to prepare to yoga instructor program include:

  • Journaling at least three times a week


  • Reading several yoga tests and books.


  • Practising asana, pranayama and meditation both at home and in the classroom environment


  • Testing yourself on anatomy knowledge


  • Creating yoga classes


  • Community service, etc.


Get rid of your insecurities

To become a successful trainer, you’ll need to get rid of your insecurities. Otherwise, your insecurities could come back to haunt you when yoga training gets tough. It’s therefore advised that you deal with whatever insecurities you have before enrolling into a yoga instructor program.

Remember, no one is perfect. The fact is you’ll always come across people that are better than you in certain areas. This does not, however, mean that you cannot achieve your goals. You are capable of attaining any goal you set your mind to so long as you are ready to fight and persevere.

Let go of your ego

Your ego could ruin your chances of becoming a world-class yoga trainer. As a result, you’ll prepare better for yoga instructor training if you leave your ego aside. 

Just because you’ve been practising yoga doesn’t mean you know everything about the practice. Allow yourself to be corrected and also listen to your body. Sometimes, all you need do is to focus on your health rather than trying to prove that you are the most advanced yoga instructor around. Ultimately, you should accept that learning is a continuous process and strive to be a better learner. 

Seek Support

In preparation for yoga training, it’s highly recommended that you seek support from fellow yogis planning to become instructors. Sharing your experiences with other students can open you to the world on new possibilities. Becoming a yoga trainer is not for the faint-hearted thus having a support network is crucial to preparing for the instructor program.

Be vulnerable

Most people don’t get anywhere in life because they continuously hide and block their emotions, especially if it’s anything related to pain. During your yoga instructor training, you’ll experience all sorts of emotions from sadness, happiness, frustration, love, hate and more.

Therefore, you should your emotions flow naturally as it’s vital for your overall well being. If you cannot deal with your feelings as soon as you can, then you’ll have difficulty becoming a yoga teacher.

Be ready to be transformed

In your path to becoming a yoga instructor, you’ll come into contact with yogis of all walks of life. Also, your body is going to be tested to the limit, and all these experiences can be life-altering so prepare to be transformed..

Research yoga schools

Finding the right yoga school is not an easy task. While there are plenty of yoga schools to choose from, you have to be careful with what you settle for. Ideally, before you choose any school, it’s crucial to access their trainers, yoga styles, online reviews, fee structure, the school’s vision and plenty of other factors.

Only after conducting due diligence can you find a school that fits your goals and vision. It’s advised that you choose a yoga school that employ university-educated teachers. Because such teachers follow a strict curriculum and their conduct is professional.

Wrapping up

If you’re considering becoming a yoga teacher, it’s essential to prepare for the yoga instructor training program adequately. 

Most yoga instructor programs are physically and mentally tasking and that’ the reason you are advised to prepare before the actual training commences. 

Eventually, becoming a yoga teacher is not only financially rewarding, but it also can help you grow physically, mentally and spiritually.